Wok of vegetables, chicken and balsamic

Wok of vegetables, chicken and balsamic
What I like in a wok, it is especially the speed of realization. Of course, you have to cut the vegetables, and that can be long and tedious for some. Or, we can also take pleasure in trimming and cutting. But, once all the vegetables and meat are ready, cooking only takes a few minutes. And, it’s still very pleasant to enjoy a pretty colorful and caramelized dish.
For a nice caramelization, and a delicious flavor, I recently discovered that you could use balsamic vinegar. For this, I reduce it with sugar. It becomes syrupy. All that remains is to mix it with soy sauce to coat the meat and vegetables and give them that pretty golden color.
I chose to use chicken fillets. They lend themselves well to this cooking. And on the vegetable side, I chose to mix shiitake mushrooms, onion, carrots, bell pepper and flat beans. I love these. Besides, I almost only eat them. Green beans are unfortunately too often full of threads. All these vegetables are just cooked, so as to remain crunchy.
I have prepared this wok already 3 times and I will do it again very, very often.

Wok of vegetables, chicken and balsamic:

100ml balsamic vinegar
100g sugar
2 chicken fillets
25ml soy sauce
1 onion
4 carrots
200 g of shiitake
1 red pepper
200 g flat beans
1 clove of garlic
1 piece of ginger
Pour the vinegar and sugar into a saucepan.
Simmer over medium-low heat for 5-10 minutes, until syrupy. You shouldn’t let it reduce too much either, because afterwards it’s too thick.
Cool and store in a small jar at room temperature. There are 2 recipes.
Cut the chicken into pieces as well as all the vegetables.
Heat a small pot of salted water and blanch the flat beans for 3 minutes. Rinse them under cold water.
Mix 50 g of balsamic and the soy sauce.
Heat a little oil and brown the chicken over high heat.
When it begins to color, add half of the sauce. Allow to caramelize, stirring regularly. It’s ready when the chicken is well coated. Reserve in a bowl.
Wipe out the pan and add a little oil.
Brown the onion, then add the carrots. Cook for 1 minute and add the mushrooms.
Finally add the bell pepper and the beans as well as the grated garlic and ginger.
Leave to cook for a few minutes. The vegetables should remain crunchy.
Finally add the chicken and the rest of the sauce.
Mix well and serve with some peanuts.
Wok of vegetables, chicken and balsamic

To finish: you can replace the chicken with other meats. You can also vary the vegetables, such as using button mushrooms, or other beans. You can also add fresh coriander, chilli, sesame…

This wok is very easily adaptable.

Here, we eat these quantities at 3. It is possible to accompany it with rice noodles or rice to serve more people.

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