Wild garlic grilled cheese

Wild garlic grilled cheese

Grilled cheese is undoubtedly the recipe that every hot cheese lover must know. This is the sandwich to improvise when you need comfort. We eat it with our fingers. It’s crispy on the outside and the cheese is runny when you bite into it.

As we are in wild garlic season, it was too tempting to slip some inside my grilled cheese. After my last picking, I chatted about instagram the preservation of wild garlic. I am trying lacto fermentation this year. Before, I already tried to dry it, but it loses all its flavors. Otherwise, I mix it with a little oil and keep it in the freezer. But, there, I was suggested to mix it with salt and oil and keep it in jars in the fridge. Some keep it that way from year to year. But, I do not lose sight of the risk of botulism. So, I put my last picking like this in a pot, but since I can’t trust myself, I use it immediately. I’ve already eaten half of it. Of course it won’t last a year.

So I prepared these grilled cheeses already twice in a short time. The first time, I used homemade bread with seeds, which I had made by machine. It was great. The second time I bought a big loaf. I confess a preference for my homemade bread which was delicious.
For cheese, I used a local cheese, not well known outside of Bourbonnais. This is Chamberat. You can absolutely use another soft cheese, such as a Saint-Nectaire, or a Tomme de Savoie.

These grilled cheeses will only take you 5 minutes to prepare. And what a treat!

Wild garlic grilled cheese:

Wild garlic purée:

1 bunch wild garlic
olive oil

Wash wild garlic well when you return from picking. To do this, soak it in a bath of vinegar water.
Rinse it and dry it.

Mix it. Add a little salt and oil. Mix until you have a homogeneous mixture.

Put in small sterilized jars beforehand.
Cover with oil. Close and store in the fridge.

Grilled cheese:

8 large slices of bread
1/4 of Chamberat
mashed wild garlic
25g melted butter

Cover a slice of bread with a little wild garlic.
Arrange the sliced ​​cheese on top. Pepper.
Spread another slice of wild garlic bread and place it on the cheese.

Brush both sides of the sandwich with a little butter.

Do the same for all the breads.

Heat a grill pan.
Cook the grilled cheese on both sides. Eat hot with a nice salad.

Wild garlic grilled cheese

To finish: without wild garlic, you can use other aromatic herbs and add a little garlic.

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