Weekend in Barcelona. What are we eating?


A little escapade in Barcelona… A few days spent walking the streets of the city and of course, nibbling randomly in the shops you cross….
It was on the way back, somewhere between Barcelona and Figueres that I had the idea for this article. I then wondered how I was going to retain the names of all the specialties encountered. I told myself that it could be nice to present them here. And who knows, maybe it will inspire those who want to go to Barcelona or simply prepare some specialties.

I admit that I know absolutely nothing about Spanish and Catalan gastronomy. From my last stay in Spain, which dates from another era, I only remember the paella. I had also tasted a certain number, all very different from each other.
Paella and sangria… essential, but it’s not just that.

Barcelona’s visit begins on La Plaça de Catalunya. And this is also where we meet a Corte Inglés, a department store with a gastronomy section. In particular, there are turron Vicens. You can taste and choose from the many varieties. This is Yema Quémada who seduced us the most. This turron with burnt egg yolks is a beautifully caramelized marzipan. This is delicious. I took advantage of my visit to the store to also buy some Angel Cabell’s jam, a variety of squash. I will explain to you later what we can do with it.

From the place, we left on the Ramblas, the famous street that goes to the port. I expected a busier street. But maybe we were still a bit early in the season. On the other hand for the gastronomy side, we cannot be disappointed, because this is where it finds the Boquería. I could have stayed there for hours to taste everything. We find all the products that make us dream. Disputs of course, cheeses, fish, bread and pastries, fruits, vegetables, spices …

BoqueriaLa Boquería

I was quickly intrigued by small green peppers, the padron pepper. These little peppers can be found both in fruit and vegetable stalls and in tapas. They are very easy to prepare, since all you have to do is fry them in oil and serve them with a little fleur de sel. This is delicious! I just saw some yesterday at Grand-Frais, so we can also prepare them in France. However, they are much more expensive here.
I had read that among these small sweet peppers hide more pungent specimens. My children were disappointed not to come across one of them.

La Boquería

It is also at La Boqueria that you can find something to eat. Many stalls offer take-out food. Spanish specialties like the croquetas and empanadas that we can choose in various perfumes. We also tasted a fried version, which was very nice. Brazilian empanadas, delicious with spicy meat also really caught my attention.
There are also many vegetarian versions, such as spinach, raisins and pine nuts. Hmmm!

La Boquería

And of course, as soon as you enter, you come across the colorful fruit juice and fruit salad stalls. Impossible not to crack. Especially since the prices are really friendly. They vary a little depending on the moments of the day, and it is certainly at the end of the afternoon that we can have the lowest. And that’s good, because it’s the most pleasant time to enjoy one, after a day of walking. These juices are very pleasant just by the variety offered, such as mango coconut, strawberry coconut, passion fruit, pomegranate, dragon fruit… And many others. On the other hand, the colors and tastes may not be entirely natural. Strawberry juice, for example, leaves a surprisingly red tongue.
It is also impossible not to be tempted by the ice cream.


La Boqueria is also the tapas. I would have liked to taste everything!


On the ramblas, you can also go for a walk Antigua Casa Figueres to taste a Catalan cream, a chocolate and a pastry. Go figure why I don’t have a picture of the pretty storefront. Maybe because we were no longer hungry at that time.

Once well restored, you can continue the walk to the port, then walk through the alleys of the Gotique district. A short break placed Real is also mandatory.
The alleys do not lack charm. The shops are numerous and sometimes very nice.
Why not take advantage of the end of the day to share a Sangria.


And then, sometimes, we see long queues. Xurreria and his churros are an example. One thing is certain, I had never eaten such good churros.

Churron Xurreria

Another important market is that of Santa Caterinanot far from Cathedral.

Again, we find everything that makes the charm of the Boqueria, but in much smaller.
Ham and manchego cones are very pleasant to eat.

San Catarina, BarcelonaSan Catarina, Barcelona

And after, essential passage by La Colmena. This pastry has attracted us like a magnet.
I completely fell for theensaimada. I ate it throughout our stay. The brioche seems generous, but it is so light, that it devours itself without hunger.
There is also a version of Ensaïmada from Cabell, but we preferred pastacabell jam turnovers from the angels…yes, the very one I bought earlier.
I will try to make this pastry again. And also cabell’s cokea very tempting pie.
To redo such soft ensaimadas seems impossible to me. Everything makes you want in this pastry. In fact, we’ve been there several times.

The ColmenaLa Colmena Barcelona

Barcelona is Gaudí. Good sneakers allowed us to discover Casa Vicens, Casa Mila, Casa Batlo, Sagrada Familia and Parc GuelI. I regret that the system set up for visits did not allow us to visit the latter. It is better to think about booking in advance.

Gaudí, Barcelona

It all makes me hungry. And I took advantage of a passage in front Turris to finally taste The Coca de Llardons. It’s amazing and delicious. It is a golden puff pastry that contains small pieces of crispy “bacon”. Taste looks like that of our scratches. Above we have pine nuts. it was delicious. My daughter preferred empty coca.

Again, everything appeals. Of course, there are still ensaïmadas. I do not get enough.

Coca de lardons

And the walk continues until the arc de triumph and until Ciutadella Park.

Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona

I love frequenting bakeries. I did not retain the name of all those where I returned. I didn’t take a picture either. And yes, I had not yet had the idea of ​​this article.

We also discovered the pan of Sant Jordi, with cheese and sobrasada. The magdalena are also everywhere, available in all flavors and sizes.


To finish: I had a little trouble writing this unplanned article, because I forgot a lot of names on the way. I should have taken notes. On the other hand, the goal was not to make a catalog of all the specialties and good addresses in Barcelona. I have retained those that have marked me the most and that I will perhaps redo on occasion.
And then I missed a lot of things.

As our accommodation was not in Barcelona itself, and as arrived in the evening we were too bad on the feet, we did not have the courage to stay to eat.

… This is the first time I’ve written an article like a gourmet travel diary. If you find this kind of reportage interesting, I could certainly do more, starting with Canada. Do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

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