Viennetta with dulce de leche and caramelized pecans

Viennetta with dulce de leche and caramelized pecans without an ice cream maker

Last year I made a simple Viennetta for Christmas and loved it. This dessert is definitely a must for Christmas (or any other time of year). The frozen log always pleases after a heavy meal.

I really appreciate having a dessert like this waiting for me in the freezer. An unexpected visit, a failure in the planned log, and don’t panic, there is an emergency solution.
Of course, this Viennetta is made very simply without an ice cream maker. and frankly, it is unmissable

This time, it’s an even more greedy version that I propose to you. The idea was to replace the condensed milk usually used to make ice cream without an ice cream maker, with milk jam. I knew it worked because a reader had already tested it for me. You can make your dulce de leche with a can of sweetened condensed milk. Just cook it in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes or 2 hours in a simple pan of water. I prefer to make it with the Thermomix starting with milk. The recipe is here. There are also very good milk jams on the market.

Going back to my Viennetta, I added crunchy milk chocolate leaves to the dulce de leche ice cream. Besides, I tested a new way to simply temper chocolate, without a thermometer. And I also added the caramelized pecans I was telling you about yesterday.
The result is delicious.

To do, to devour and to redo!

Viennetta with dulce de leche and caramelized pecans:

100g milk chocolate
275g dulce de leche (recipe here)
375 g full cream (35%)
caramelized pecans (recipe here)

Prepare the chocolate leaves.
Melt the chocolate in pieces in the microwave for 30 seconds. Mix and put back 30 seconds. Most of the chocolate should be melted, but not all.
Stir for about 2 minutes to melt most of the remaining chocolate pieces.
Put back in the microwave for 5 seconds, stir. Put another 5 seconds. Stir. Normally, there should be no more pieces, otherwise put another 5 seconds.

Spread the chocolate thinly on a baking sheet and pre-cut sheets to the size of the silicone cake mold (24 X 8 cm). Book cool.

Pour the milk jam into a salad bowl.
Whip the cream, then gently add it to the dulce de leche, using a spatula.

Put a layer of this mousse at the bottom of the mold. Sprinkle a few broken pecans on top, then cover with a sheet of chocolate. Proceed in the same way for the other 3 sheets of chocolate. Finish with a layer of mousse.

Chill for 12 hours.

Serve right out of the freezer. Decorate with chocolate and pecan scraps.

Viennetta with milk jam and caramelized pecans for Christmas

To finish: for the photo, my Viennetta had only 4/5 hours of freezing. In the evening, the slices were sharper.

I used all of my dulce de leche for the mousse. If I had had a little more, I would have tried to add a few hints of milk jam in addition to the pecans.

If you don’t feel like making caramelized pecans, you can simply roast them for about ten minutes in the oven.

With the method that I give you, my chocolate was perfectly tempered. Afterwards, it’s my microwave, and the times may not be quite the same at your place. You can also simply melt it without tempering and keep it cool until use. It works very well too.

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