Very creamy rice pudding and red fruits

I love rice pudding. My favorite recipe is very simple, like my great-grandmother’s. And like her, it’s with dark chocolate that I prefer to accompany her. All you need is round rice, milk and sugar, a saucepan and let it cook very gently, stirring regularly. For convenience, I leave most of the time my favorite food processor to do the cooking (here).

This time I wanted a more chic rice pudding, which can be served as a refined dessert. I also wanted to test the pre-cooking of the rice which is, according to what a pastry chef told me, the secret of a perfect rice pudding.
I flavored my rice with a nice vanilla bean and once it was cold, I added whipped cream. I served it in a verrine, on frozen red fruits.

We are far from my usual recipe. This rice pudding is obviously very creamy and very fragrant. My children were confused. They found it excellent, but couldn’t find their rice pudding. For them, it’s something else.
This is a recipe that I also enjoyed a lot and that I will make again without hesitation. I also have plenty of other ideas for serving it.
It will not replace my usual recipe, but will complement it.

Very creamy rice pudding and red fruits:

170g round rice
1 liter of milk
1 vanilla pod
90g sugar
80 g full cream
20g mascarpone
400g frozen berries
1 good tablespoon of runny honey

Heat a pot of water.
Add the rice and cook for 1 minute.
Drain the rice and rinse it with cold water.

At the same time, heat the milk and the scraped vanilla pod.

Add the rice and sugar to the vanilla milk and cook over very low heat, stirring regularly. I count about 40 minutes of cooking, sometimes a little more, other times a little less depending on the fire. The best is to taste, because the rice must be very soft and the whole must not be dry.

Leave to cool completely then refrigerate.

Allow the fruit to thaw and add the honey.

Whip the very cold cream and the mascarpone into whipped cream.
Stir the rice pudding to loosen it, then add the whipped cream in batches. Gently fold in,

Put red fruits, without the juice in glasses.
Gently cover with rice pudding.

To finish: in the Thermomix, count about 35/40 minutes of cooking at 90°C.

You can skip the mascarpone and replace it with as much cream.

In winter, I use a lot of frozen berries. I find it very practical. In summer, it will be possible to use fresh red fruits, quickly fried.

Suddenly, my rice pudding was so different, that I didn’t really see the difference made by pre-cooking the rice. I will have to try it with my usual recipe.

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