Veggie burgers with jackfruit, pulled pork style

Veggie burgers with jackfruit, pulled pork style

Today, I offer you a new vegetarian recipe that we loved. I cooked shredded, pulled pork style, replacing the meat with jackfruit. The result is truly stunning. It is a vegetarian meal that will undoubtedly appeal to everyone.

Jackfruit is a fruit that is fairly regularly found in fresh produce stores. I confess that I have never tasted them. For this recipe, we use the fruit that is not yet ripe and put in brine. And that’s a little harder to find. I had spotted recipes for vegetarian pulled “pork” for quite some time. And, I really wanted to test, because I was sure that the result must be excellent. But, impossible to find these preserves, even in organic stores. I placed an order on Kazidomi shortly before Christmas, including several boxes of this famous jackfruit. Besides, I’m going to have to redo an order, because the 4 boxes went there in less than 15 days.

Preparing this frayed is a breeze. Once the fruits have been rinsed, simply shred them with your fingertips. It’s done very easily. Then, they are cooked with onion, garlic, spices and barbecue sauce. Cooking takes about 20/25 minutes. Afterwards, I prepared burgers with just barbecue sauce, fresh onions and salad. You can also prepare fajitas, tacos or serve as a full plate.

Veggie burgers with jackfruit, pulled pork style:

1 can of young jackfruit in brine
1 red onion
2 cloves garlic
1 heaped tsp BBQ spice mix
1 tsp smoked paprika
100ml vegetable stock
40g barbecue sauce
salt pepper
olive oil

Rinse the jackfruit pieces, and shred them with your fingertips. Remove the seeds.

Fry the finely chopped onion in a little oil.
Add the grated garlic cloves, then the shredded jackfruit.
Add the spices. To mix together.
Add broth and barbecue sauce. Season and mix. Cover and simmer for 10/15 minutes.

Remove the lid and leave to simmer for about 15/20 minutes over low heat, stirring regularly. The liquid will evaporate.

It’s ready !

Veggie burgers with jackfruit, pulled pork style


4 burger buns
Barbecue sauce
Red onion
chewed up

Warm burger buns, then top with sauce, jackfruit, red onion strips and salad.

Serve with fries and sauce.

Veggie burgers with jackfruit, pulled pork style
To finish: my barbecue sauce was spicy with chipotle pepper. So I didn’t add any chilli, but you can put some in the shredded preparation.

You can add tomatoes, cucumber slices, pickles, cheese or anything you want in the burgers.

As said above, I had the pleasure of placing an order on Kazidomi to test their organic products. It really is a very nice site. I enjoyed finding things there that I don’t necessarily find around me. Thanks to membership, you can make great savings. With the code CHIC20, you will save 20 euros on this one.

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