Vegetarian Oven Roasted Vegetable Raclette

Oven Roasted Vegetable Raclette

Raclette is our favorite winter dish. We like it traditional, with potatoes and charcuterie. But, I wanted to offer a slightly different and vegetarian version. I was craving oven roasted vegetables. It has become my favorite mode of cooking. I chose different vegetables, small potatoes of course, but also carrots of different colors, parsnips and Jerusalem artichokes. One could imagine with other vegetables, such as beets, turnips or even pumpkin, Brussels sprouts … The possibilities are numerous.

These small vegetables are just coated with honey, olive oil and thyme. After baking on a large baking sheet, they are delicious. All that remains is to sit down to eat and feast on a delicious raclette that changes a little. I chose smoked cheese, which I find excellent. Frankly, it’s so good that the charcuterie is not lacking at all. Of course, you can add more. A nice slice of country ham would find its place perfectly alongside these small roasted vegetables.

Oven Roasted Vegetable Raclette

1 bunch of red, yellow and orange carrots
2 or 3 parsnips
12 small potatoes (grenailles)
8 Jerusalem artichokes
2 tbsp of honey
3 tbsp olive oil
salt pepper
smoked cheese (Brézain)

Preheat the oven to 210°C.

I don’t peel the vegetables. A good cleaning is enough. If you want, you can peel them.

Cut the carrots and the Jerusalem artichokes in half, the parsnips in 4 or 6 depending on their size.
Place them on a large plate.

Mix honey, oil, thyme, salt and pepper.
Pour this mixture over the vegetables and coat well.
Arrange them next to each other.

Cook for 25 to 30 minutes, stirring during cooking. they should be lightly golden and tender.

Oven Roasted Vegetable Raclette Oven Roasted Vegetable Raclette

Arrange these vegetables on the raclette grill to keep them warm or reheat them.
Treat yourself!

Oven-roasted vegetable raclette, smoked cheese

Finally: Roasted vegetables offer many possibilities. As I told you above, you can choose the vegetables you like. Instead of thyme, you can choose Espelette pepper.
These proportions are for 4. If you are more numerous, you will need 2 plates or cook the vegetables twice.

And of course, choose the cheese you like.

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