Vegetable turnovers and Cantal fresh tome

These vegetarian turnovers, I improvised them, with leftover dough and vegetables and cheese that were in the freezer. Even if I have few things in my freezer, there are still products that I try to have all the time. This is particularly the case of the vegetable brunoise.
For the cheese, it is Tome de Cantal, which I bring directly from the producer and which I use in particular to make truffade. It is a product that can only be stored in this way. The one found in stores is not the same. So I always come back from Cantal with a good quantity of tome and I cut it into pieces to be able to use it in different preparations. Indeed, it is a cheese which, like mozzarella, finds its place in many preparations. In fact, I often use it on my pizzas. You can replace it with mozzarella.

These little turnovers can be served as an aperitif, or even for the meal.

Vegetable turnovers and Cantal fresh tome:

Olive oil dough:

250g of flour
40g olive oil
1 egg

I use my Thermomix, but it’s not essential.

In the bowl, put the flour, olive oil, egg and salt. Knead for about 50 seconds.
Gradually add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water until the mixture forms a ball.

Film and refrigerate for a good 1/2 hour.


300g frozen vegetable brunoise
100 g cantal tome (or mozzarella)
salt, Espelette pepper

Fry the brunoise in a pan with a little olive oil for a few minutes, until it is defrosted.

Transfer to a bowl, and add the cheese cut into small pieces.
Add the finely chopped parsley.

Let cool.

Roll out the dough on a floured work surface.
To cut the dough and make turnovers. I use a small mold.
Fill the turnovers with a little filling. Moisten the edges and close.
Place them on a baking sheet as you go.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Glaze the turnovers with an egg yolk slightly diluted with water.
Brush the slippers.
Make a small cut on the top using the tip of a knife.

Cook for 15 to 20 minutes. they should be golden.

Eat hot, warm or cold

To finish: the device for making slippers is really very practical and does not cost much.
To have pretty slippers, I always recut the edges using a fluted cutter, but it is not essential.
It is also possible to make the slippers without this device.

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