Tuna bread with candied tomatoes

tuna bread

This morning, wanting to prepare a tuna bread for tonight, I realized that I had never published the recipe here. It is a terrible lack that I hasten to fill.
This recipe is a classic here. It’s awfully easy to make and it’s delicious when it’s hot like right now. I make it in the morning when it’s still cool, and it’s perfect in the evening. This is the perfect recipe to enjoy with a salad. I accompany it with homemade mayonnaise and toast.

As I said, the recipe is very simple. Just mix all the ingredients and put everything in a cake tin. For cooking, I put everything in a bain-marie. Just take a dish larger than the cake tin and pour a small amount of boiling water into it. Thus, the cooking is more gentle and homogeneous. I also cover with a silicone cloth, which prevents the top from drying out.

Well, now that I’ve written the recipe, I’m off to make it…

Tuna bread with candied tomatoes:

300 g canned tuna, drained
150g heavy cream
5 eggs
50 g candied tomatoes in oil, in small pieces
200 g grated mozzarella
fresh herbs (basil, tarragon…)
Salt pepper

Mix all ingredients.

Pour into a silicone cake mould.
Cover with a small silicone cloth and cook at 160°C for around 45 to 50 minutes. For the bain marie, put a bottom of hot water in a large dish and the cake tin in it. Check the cooking and possibly extend a little.

Let cool completely.

Serve with homemade herb mayonnaise.

Tuna bread with candied tomatoes

To finish: you can also cook in a Cookéo if you have one. The most difficult thing is to have a mold that fits in the tank. I had tested with a small savarin mold. Cooking was 25/30 minutes under pressure. I think it’s a little longer with a mold without a hollow in the center.

To prepare homemade mayonnaise, you need mustard and oil, 2 ingredients that are difficult to find and expensive. You can use oils other than sunflower. Besides, I always put a little olive oil in my mayo, I find it much better.
And for mustard, a teaspoon is enough. You can also test with other products, such as a sriracha sauce for example.

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