Truffade de Crozets

Truffade de Crozets

Decidedly, the only advantages that I have found in winter and in the cold are to be able to please myself with good little dishes. Those with cheese are of course my preference.

If you follow me on instagram and Facebook, you may have seen a competition between bloggers organized by Alpina Savoie last month. It was about offering you a recipe idea revisiting a dish from my region, Auvergne, by adding Crozets. You certainly know these little pasta. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to cook them, because they are delicious.
For the dish in my region, it was easy. I immediately thought of a truffade.
Thanks to your votes, I was able to qualify for the second stage of the contest. So I cooked this truffade and we enjoyed it.
And I’m going to ask you again to vote for me, by going on Facebook page and or Instagram account from Alpina Savoie to put a like on my photo. The winner will take two people (selected among the voters) with her to a starred restaurant.
That would be so great!

To make a truffade of Crozets, there is nothing very complicated. Apart from maybe finding tome de cantal (No fault, there is only one M!). Mine comes directly from the producer. It keeps very well in the freezer. You can find it under vacuum, but it is then pasteurized and spins a little less. Otherwise, the trick is to use young cantal.
We cook the Crozets in the broth and at the end, just add the garlic and the tome. The taste is that of truffade.
This is delicious. And then it warms up!

Truffade de Crozets:

2 shallots
300 g Crozets
120ml white wine
1 liter of vegetable broth (or poultry)
2 cloves of garlic (smoked)
250 g Cantal cheese
salt pepper

Brown the chopped shallots in a little oil.
Add the Crozets, and sauté while stirring.
Add the white wine and let evaporate for about 2 minutes.

Add the broth several times. Season.
Cook over medium heat and stir often.

Crozets truffade ingredients

After 15 minutes, the Crozets are cooked.
Add the mashed garlic and the tome in pieces.
Mix until the cheese is melted and the truffle is runny.

Serve immediately.

Truffade de Crozets

To finish: You can find the recipe step by step on my story instagram.

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