Tiramisu cake, the express and unmissable recipe

The holidays are approaching. Mine, and necessarily also those of the blog. Indeed, I will not add new recipes for a few weeks. But I promise, I’ll come back with lots of new ideas and desires.
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For this last post, I could have told you about my stay in the Fronton vineyard, or the delicious tomato pie that I can’t stop preparing at the moment, or some really very tasty cookies…
I thought that an easy to make, quick, foolproof, delicious and no-bake cake recipe would tempt you more. The rest will be for later…

The recipe of the day is therefore a tiramisu cake. Making a tiramisu that holds together perfectly and can be cut into neat slices is not that easy. Or, you have to add gelatin. It’s been a while since I spotted an Italian recipe for Camy cream. This is a recipe found on many blogs (for example, here Where the…). I had put this recipe at the top, in bold and underlined in my list of must-do recipes. However, it took me several months and 2 jars of mascarpone to use before leaving to finally get started.
Well, I deeply regret not having done it sooner, because this cream is awesome! I let you admire the perfect cut of my tiramisu.

The trick to making camy cream is once again the use of sweetened condensed milk. I believe this ingredient is truly magical. So, sweetened condensed milk, mascarpone and whipped cream… and that’s it! A few soaked biscuits, a frame and a few hours in the fridge and here is the tiramisu cake ready to be placed on the table.
A real recipe “wows mother-in-law”, as we like them.

Tiramisu cake:

500g mascarpone
250g full cream
170g sweetened condensed milk
1 large box of ladyfingers
1 cup very strong coffee
1 tbsp Marsala
bitter cocoa

Whisk the very cold cream.
Whisk the mascarpone, then add the condensed milk in a trickle. Continue to whip for a good minute, until you have a fairly firm texture.
Add the whipped cream in batches, with a spatula.

Arrange a frame of about 18 cm on a serving platter.
Quickly dip the biscuits in the Marsala flavored coffee.
Arrange them at the bottom of the frame.
Spread half of the cream on top.
Cover with soaked biscuits, leaving 1 cm all around.
Cover with remaining cream.
Smooth and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Pass a blade all around the circle to remove it.
Sprinkle with bitter cocoa.

To finish: for the photo of the cut tiramisu, I used a plate of Zak Designs. This is the first time that I have partnered with a brand that offers pretty cooking accessories that are easy to use on my photos and I am particularly happy about it.
Indeed, dishes still hold an important place in a cooking blog. Besides, I have a full closet in my garage that I buy most of the time during the sales, or at garage sales and at Emmaüs.

Marsala is optional.

This tiramisu does not contain egg. It keeps very well. I still advise you to eat it the same day or the next day.

You can type “sweetened condensed milk” in the blog’s search bar to get other recipe ideas made from this ingredient.

I hope many of you will make this tiramisu cake! Don’t forget to show me your creations, especially on Instagram.

See you soon…

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