The perfect choux pastry biscuit for rolls and Yule logs

The perfect choux pastry biscuit for rolls and Yule logs

Christmas is starting to be on your mind. I see that for the past few weeks you have been looking for ideas for your meals and more particularly for the log. I know that some of you have already started experimenting.

So, are you more of a traditional rolled log, a log worthy of a great pastry chef or an iced log? Depending on our level in pastry, the time and equipment we have and of course, our tastes and desires, our choice will be more towards one or the other. Most of the time, we think that the rolled log will be the easiest to make. Except that preparing a cookie that will roll perfectly, without breaking is not always easy. We were taught that we had to make a sponge cake. And, that’s what I did for years. You can find my recipe here. It is soft and rolls well. It can be used to prepare rolls for snacks or logs during the Christmas period.

But, there is much better! For several years, pastry chefs have been using a Japanese biscuit, made from choux pastry. This cake is super moist and rolls out perfectly. I let you see that I absolutely do not exaggerate by looking at my photos.

I discovered this technique a few years ago with chef Philippe Conticini. He had prepared a soft roll like a cushion, flavored with poppy seeds and lemon confit. A delight.
Time passed, and I always delayed doing it again. Finally, last year, I prepared a yule log recipe when I returned from a workshop with Norbert Tarayre. It is true that it is extremely soft!
So I promised myself to do it again this year.

Several pastry chefs offer their recipe. The basis is the same, but some differences exist from one to the other. Some use only milk, some slightly different proportions…
I finally chose Christophe Michalak’s version, which I find really easy and quick to prepare. I assure you, it is not more complicated to make than a sponge cake and is really perfect! There is absolutely no need to put pressure on the success of the choux pastry.

You will find this recipe in a log very soon.
The quantity of the recipe is planned for a large roll and I only needed half of the preparation for my log. I made this jelly roll with only half the quantity, so spread it thinner. I will give you the cooking times for 1 large roll or 2 thinner rolls.

If you want to start making rolled logs, I cannot recommend this recipe enough. The result will enchant you.

The choux pastry cookie:

75g water
75g milk
35g butter
1 tbsp sugar
1 pinch of salt
70g flour
150g whole eggs (3)
50 ml (sunflower) oil
150g egg white (5)
80g sugar

In a saucepan, heat the water, milk, butter, sugar and salt.
Add flour and mix well.
Return to low heat to dry slightly. Do not stop stirring.

Pour this batter into a bowl.
Add the eggs in 3 batches, stirring well each time. You can use a small electric whisk for that, if it forces too much on the arm.
Add the oil. Mix well.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Beating egg whites.
When the whip begins to leave traces, add the sugar spoon by spoon while continuing to whip.

Add the meringue whites to the choux pastry in 3 times, delicately, with a spatula.

Spread this dough on a baking sheet (Silpat or Flexipat) placed on a wire rack. For a thinner cookie, make 2.
Cook for 14/16 minutes for a coarse, 10/12 minutes for a fine. It should be lightly golden and still very soft.

Leave to cool before turning out on a sheet.

The choux pastry biscuit, Japanese roll

Trim the edges if needed.
I spread my biscuit with caramel apple jam that I had in my cupboard. You can choose the one that makes you happy.
You can also use a spread, chestnut cream, lemon curd…
Or, use the filling you have chosen for your log. It can be a chocolate mousse, whipped cream… You can add fruit, for example. It’s as you prefer.

Once the biscuit is spread, roll it on itself using the sheet underneath. Advance slowly, tightening well.

Cover again as desired. Icing sugar will suffice for a roll. For a log, it will be more of a mousse.

And now enjoy!


To finish: you can find many yule log recipes on the blog. To do this, use the sweet index or type “log” in the search bar.
Used cookies can be replaced with this one.

This chocolate log would be perfect by replacing the sponge cake with this choux pastry biscuit.
This one with pistachio would be very good too. In this case, add pistachio paste before the eggs in the choux pastry preparation.

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