Sweet pepper mousse shortbread for an amazing appetizer

In June, I had the pleasure of staying on Mont-Saint-Michel, at the Auberge de la Mère Poulard (here).
The chef, Alain Grespier had prepared a very original aperitif for us. He had quite naturally used the sweet shortbread biscuits from Mother Poulard, which he had garnished in several ways. I had promised myself to make discover this marriage around me.

I chose to make a pepper mousse.
The marriage of the sweet biscuit and the flavors of the mousse is surprising and truly delicious. Your guests will not remain insensitive to these flavors.

Of course, the key takeaway is the use of sweet shortbread. The garnish that I propose, even if it is delicious, is only a suggestion. You can in turn imagine your own flavors and associations. I’ll give you some ideas at the end of the article…

Shortbread with pepper mousse:

150g Philadelphia
75 g full cream
50 g pepper paste (The Garnished Bowl)
Kampot red pepper (On the docks)
purple shiso
shortbread (of Mother Poulard)

Combine Philadelphia and pepper paste.
Crack the pepper and season

Whip the very cold cream.
Add the Philadelphia whipped cream. Mix gently with the spatula.

Place the mousse in a piping bag.

At the last moment, garnish the shortbread. Decorate with a small leaf of shiso and pepper.

To finish: the red pepper can be replaced by Espelette pepper and the shiso by basil.

On the same Philadelphia/whipped cream base, you can imagine other flavours, such as lemon and smoked salmon or prawns or puree of candied tomatoes and basil…
The possibilities are many. Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you test and give me your opinion on this surprising aperitif.

If the sweet/salty side bothers you, the mousse can also be served on crackers or on toast.

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