Sweet focaccia with cherries and thyme

Sweet focaccia with cherries and thyme

The cherries are getting a little, a lot to be desired this year. I had bought some with the idea of ​​preparing a clafoutis. And then, that’s finally how I ate most of them. After a while, I didn’t have enough left for a clafoutis. But, still enough to prepare a delicious snack.

Do you know sweet focaccia? If not, I urge you to give this recipe a try while the cherries are still in season. It’s a delight ! This focaccia is soft, delicately sweetened and flavored with olive oil. It’s a real treat.
I challenge you to know how to stop eating it. Me, I say to myself: “This time, it’s the last piece” And then, I always come back to it. I assure you, this focaccia is completely addictive.

Sweet focaccia with cherries and thyme:

250g T45 flour
150 of water
1 tsp baker’s yeast
30g mild olive oil

30g brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
fresh thyme

Dissolve the yeast in slightly lukewarm water.

In the bowl of the robot, put the flour, olive oil, brown sugar and salt.
Add water and yeast
Knead at medium speed for about 6 minutes.

Cover the bowl and let the dough rise in the bowl for about 1h30. The dough should be well risen.

Oil a baking sheet.
Place the dough on top and spread it with your hand, giving it a slightly oval shape.
Protect from drafts and leave to rise for another hour.

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Press down on the dough with your fingertips to make holes.
Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with brown sugar.
Arrange the halved cherries, pressing them down slightly.
Sprinkle some fresh thyme on top.

Bake the focaccia for about 15 minutes.
Let cool down before tasting.
It is better the same day.

Sweet focaccia with cherries and thyme

To finish: once the cherry season is over, you can use raspberries or blueberries. And of course, in autumn, we can make it with Muscat or figs.

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