Sun pie with pistachio pesto and parmesan; My selection of books to put under the tree

It is no longer necessary to present the sun pie. It has already seduced all gourmets with its pretty presentation and ease of preparation.
I still hadn’t posted a recipe. And yet, there have often been sunny pies on my table.
So I take advantage of a chronicle radio where I give my selection of gourmet books to place at the foot of the tree to finally fill this gap.

For a hassle-free sun pie, open a jar of tapenade, pesto or tomato sauce… And you’re done. Here is an always successful aperitif!
I imagined a slightly different filling, inspired by Sicily. It was there that I discovered the pistachio pesto that sublimates a pasta dish. But not only!
The pistachio pesto is really very simple to prepare, because all you have to do is mix pistachios and olive oil, which you will choose to be very mild. A little parmesan, and it’s ready!

So I garnished my sun pie with this pesto. It’s really very good.
Pieces of pistachios on top add an extra decorative touch and a very pleasant crunchy side.
I was telling you abouta small selection of books for Christmas. I chose books that will be perfect for slipping under the tree. This selection is not the subject of any partnership. These are real favorites and books that I will gladly offer or that I would like to be offered.
Everyone should find the book that suits them.

The lover of easy and trendy recipes will love the box for making sun tarts (Larousse). The little extra is the cutting accessory.
As for the cheese lover, he should crack on Seasonal cheeses (Marabout).
On the pastry side, the book I pass my pastry CAP as a free candidate by Chef Damien and Chef Régis is very well done and should appeal to both CAP candidates and pastry lovers.
Lovers of Italy and its cuisine should love Roman style: cuisine of the dolce vita (Editions du Chêne), written by blogger Eléonora Glasso.
And finally, fans of Dorian, his cooking, his photos and his blog will be delighted to find him in Stay-at-home dad 5 3/4 mouths to feed everyday…everyday…everyday.

The radio chronicle having to be brief, there are a few books that I dismissed with great regret.
World cuisine lovers, those who want to discover Korean cuisine, should be seduced by K food (kitchen hatchet).
And those who like the simplicity of a good soup, will love Soups that do us good (Editions La Plage) with the recipes of Cléa and Clémence Catz and the superb photos of Linda Louis and Emilie Gaillet.

Sun pie with pistachio pesto and parmesan:

2 puff pastry (with butter)
50g green pistachios
olive oil (sweet and fruity)
40 g of Parmiggiano regiano
salt pepper
1 egg yolk

Mix the pistachios with 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil and a little salt.

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Unroll a puff pastry and cover it with a thin layer of pesto, leaving 1 cm all around.
Grate the parmesan over it.
Lightly salt and pepper.

Cover with the second pastry.

Mix the egg yolk with a splash of water and brush the dough.

Place a glass in the center.
Then cut the pie into 4. Then cut each part into 2 then each into 3. You should have 24 pieces.
Gently lift each piece and brush the underside with yellow.
Roll it up on itself, then do the same for everyone.

Coarsely chop a few pistachios and sprinkle them over the center of the pie.

Cook for 20/25 minutes. The pie should be golden brown, but the pistachios should not burn.

Allow to cool a little before consuming.

To finish: there should be some pesto left. You can put it on the table with the pie or use it on a plate of pasta. You tell me the news.

It is important not to take an intense olive oil which would take over the pistachio. Otherwise, use a neutral oil.

You can prepare the sun pie in advance and keep it cool until ready to bake.

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