Strawberries with ricotta mousse

Strawberries with ricotta mousse

The first strawberries of the year… The ones we appreciate the most. They may not be the best, but we forgive them absolutely everything so happy to find them.
To accompany them, I chose to prepare a ricotta mousse. I love eating sweet ricotta. Moreover, I have already offered you a good number of recipes for desserts and cakes based on it. You can find them easily by typing “ricotta” in the search bar of the blog.

One of my favorite Italian recipes is the cannolo. I always fall for this crispy delicacy topped with ricotta and chocolate. If I’m talking about it today, it’s not just to make your mouth water… It’s because I really have to decide to prepare some.

While waiting for these cannoli, which may end up arriving on my table, it will be strawberries and ricotta. This recipe is child’s play. It will only take you 5 minutes to prepare the mousse. And frankly, it changes very advantageously from strawberries to whipped cream.

Strawberries with ricotta mousse:

250g ricotta
125 g full cream
30g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
300g strawberries

Pour the ricotta into a bowl. It is possible to let it drain in a fine strainer for a few hours in order to remove the whey. The texture will then be a little firmer.

Mix the very cold cream and the sugars.
Whip everything into firm whipped cream.

Pour half of the whipped cream over the ricotta, and mix gently with a spatula.
Add the rest of the cream and mix in the same way.

Cut the strawberries, and divide them into 6 verrines.
Cover with mousse and refrigerate.

Verrines of strawberries with ricotta mousse
To finish: if your strawberries lack flavor, you can add a little vanilla sugar to them.

Consider making your homemade vanilla sugar. With a fresh pod or a few pods that have already been used, it is the best. Choose a good cane sugar.

Accompany these verrines with dry biscuits. I recommend the cantucci

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