Stewed apples and Corsican clementines

Stewed apples and Corsican clementines

In the aftermath of the Christmas holidays, we all need a little levity, right? So I suggest you prepare a compote. But not just any ! A compote with Corsican clementines, very fragrant. With a piece of homemade gingerbread, it’s just happiness.

I particularly like a brand of compotes, which offers original flavors, such as Corsican clementines. They are excellent, but not very economical. I’ve had the idea of ​​making them myself for a long time, but I didn’t really see how to go about it. After making the clementine cake, which you really enjoyed, I wanted to adapt the same method to make compotes. The particularity is to use whole clementines. For this, they must be cooked for a long time in water. Prepared in this way, they blend perfectly with apples. And as in the compote of the trade, one finds well the pieces of skins. The bitterness is very light, even with little sugar. However, what a scent! I absolutely love these compotes.

Take advantage of the Corsican clementine season to test this delicious compote.

Stewed apples and Corsican clementines:

2 Corsican clementines
8 golden apples
2 tbsp brown sugar
Start by putting the whole clementines in a pan of water and cook them over low heat for a good hour. Make sure they are always covered with water.
Take them out of the water and let them cool.
Cut the whole clementines into small cubes. We have to be able to find small pieces of bark.
Peel and cut the apples into small cubes
In a saucepan, put the apples, clementines and sugar. Cover and cook over medium low heat for about ten minutes. Remove the lid and continue cooking until you have the right texture, for about 5 good minutes.
Let cool and keep refrigerated.
Stewed apples and Corsican clementines

To finish: I use my Thermomix for cooking. The only difference is that I mix the apples very lightly to have small pieces rather than cutting them with a knife.

You can go up to 3 clementines. Personally, this is how I prefer, but it may be a little too fragrant for some people. I count 1 spoon of sugar per clementine.

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