Spaghetti patties

Spaghetti patties

To start the week off right, I wanted to talk about cooking leftovers, combining it with preparing a meal to take to the office. Personally, preparing a snack to go has to be something that I do quickly, with what I have available. I don’t want to spend time there. But I still want to have fun. This point is not negotiable.
So, my lunch box is simply made up of leftovers. Often I cook a little more to have some the next day. Many preparations lend themselves well to exercise. It’s easy to make a slightly larger quiche or add an extra portion of tajine. When I make a salad, I can make another one made up of various little things from the fridge. The idea is always to use leftovers. A piece of cold chicken, a few nuts, a piece of cheese, and you’re done. It doesn’t take long. You just have to put the seasoning aside, in a small jar.

But I know that my spaghetti with puttanesca for dinner won’t be very tempting the next day. So, this time I recompose and my little leftover pasta becomes delicious pancakes, which just need to be reheated slightly. Accompanied by a salad, and a homemade chocolate cream, I have a balanced meal that delights me.

These spaghetti patties are made with what’s in the fridge. We mix everything, and hop in the oven! There is nothing simpler to do. These pancakes will be perfect to garnish the bowl of the whole family. Kids love it. They can even be eaten cold.
And then, if you don’t have meals to take out, you can also prepare them for dinner.

Spaghetti patties:

200g cooked spaghetti

100g heavy cream

1 egg

70g grated cheddar cheese

20 g bresaola

1 handful of baby spinach

salt pepper

flaked almonds

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

In a bowl, combine the spaghetti, cream and egg. To mix together.

Add the cheddar, the baby spinach and the bresaola in small pieces. Season and mix.

Divide this preparation into 4 silicone moulds.

Add some almonds on top.

Cook for about 20 minutes.

Spaghetti patties for lunch box
To finish: to obtain pancakes, I used fairly large tartlet type moulds. You can absolutely make muffins. You just have to adjust the cooking time.

In my fridge, there was an open bag of cheddar, a little bresaola and a bottom of a bag of baby spinach. You have understood the principle, we do with what we have. We vary the cheeses, we can pick peas from the freezer, use leftover mushrooms… It’s up to you.
On the other hand, I advise you not to forget the almonds. It’s an idea I stole from Caroland really it’s the little extra crunch that makes the difference.

Don’t forget to run your cooked spaghetti under cold water after cooking so they don’t stick too much.

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