Snickers-style Magnums, without an ice cream maker

Snickers-style Magnums, without an ice cream maker

Summer has certainly not said its last word. To taunt us, I’m sure the sun will be there for the next few weeks. So, I bring out my recipe for Magnums that are too easy to make and too good. I loved these 100% homemade ice creams. I’m going to restock my freezer.

This recipe is awesome. The shell is as I like it, thin and crunchy. The ice cream is smooth. And the caramel associated with salted peanuts… A treat!

To prepare the ice cream, there is really no difficulty thanks to the sweetened condensed milk. I promise you it’s child’s play. The only small difficulty of this recipe is the preparation of the chocolate shell. I find that tempering the chocolate is really a plus. I don’t like the chocolate layer to be thick and soft. I therefore propose a very simple method in the microwave. By respecting the instructions, which are still very few, you will have a perfect chocolate in a few minutes.

Snickers-style magnums:

120g dark chocolate
80g sweetened condensed milk
110 g full cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
Salted butter caramel
Salted peanuts (those for the appetizer)

To temper the chocolate very easily, cut it into pieces and put it in the microwave in 15/20 second increments.
Stir each time and stop as soon as half is melted.
Then stir for about 2 minutes to melt the rest well.
Iron for a few seconds in the microwave to melt the last pieces.

With a brush or a spoon cover 4 silicone popsicle moulds, spreading well all over in a thin layer. Don’t forget to slip a stick in the notch.
Leave to set in the fridge.

Meanwhile, whip the very cold cream into whipped cream. Add condensed milk and vanilla extract.
Once the chocolate has set, add a layer of salted butter caramel and coarsely chopped peanuts. Pour over the mousse. Smooth and leave in the freezer for at least 4 hours.

Melt the remaining chocolate again in the same way as before, and cover the magnums with a thin layer.
Reserve in the freezer.

Snickers-style Magnums, without an ice cream maker

To finish: I use 4 large popsicle molds. They are easily found, especially from the Silikomart brand. I also tested with mini popsicle moulds. It’s great too, and the size is then perfect to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

I also tested ice cream bars, using small silicone cake moulds. It’s a little less convenient to eat without the stick, but it’s just as good.

You can make homemade caramel. The recipe is here.
You can also buy it ready made. I used Régilait, purchased at the same time as the sweetened condensed milk.

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