Small pancakes in the oven

Small pancakes in the oven

For Candlemas, I had prepared small pancakes in the oven. I was really very happy with the result and I shared the recipe on my instagram. It was very nice to see that many of you had enjoyed this recipe and tested it. Recipe sharing on Instagram is nice, but it’s always here, on this blog, that I enjoy the most to publish my favorite recipes. So I redid these little pancakes to be able to publish them here. So, yes, it’s not Candlemas anymore, but we enjoy pancakes all year round, right?

For the recipe, it’s very simple. I was inspired by the dutch baby pancake that I love and that I make very regularly in my cast iron skillet. For a mini version, I simply used a metal muffin pan. It’s perfect. The result is too cute. Pancakes puff up a lot during cooking. When they come out of the oven, they fall slightly. In the middle, there is a hollow which forms and which makes it possible to put a filling. You can put jam or spread. This time, I wanted lemon curd. These little pancakes are both crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It is absolutely delicious!

This recipe is also really very simple. Simply mix together the batter ingredients, then pour into the warm, buttered pans. These pancakes are therefore ideal for an improvised snack, or for brunch. You will enjoy.

Small pancakes in the oven:

2 small eggs
15g brown sugar
100g of flour

150ml milk
15g butter
Icing sugar
Lemon curd (recipe here)

In a bowl, pour the flour and sugar. To mix together.
Add the eggs, then the milk. Mix well. It is also possible to put everything in a blender.

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Place a small piece of butter in 10 metal muffin cups.
Bake the plate for about 2 to 3 minutes. The butter must be melted, possibly slightly nutty but not burnt.
Take out the baking sheet and spread the dough over the melted butter.

Cook for about 12 minutes. It will puff up and then fall slightly out of the oven.

Sprinkle with icing sugar.
Serve with lemon curd and some fruit.

Small pancakes in the oven

To finish: I also prepared a video of the recipe. You will be able to see there the mold that I use, how to fill them… It will soon be on instagram and pinterest. Don’t hesitate to follow me there too so you don’t miss anything.

You can easily find metal muffin trays for a few euros. I preferred to use this one rather than silicone molds, because the heat is better kept and the result is crispier.
The plate is designed for 12 muffins. I only make 10 pancakes with these quantities. But nothing prevents to make 12 which will be a little smaller.

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