Scallion tart tatin

Scallion tart tatin

Tarte tatin, whether it is the classic apple pie or with other fruits, is always a widely appreciated festive dish.
Its salty version is just as successful. The advantage of this dish is that there are very few ingredients. And these are ingredients that have the advantage of keeping well, which is currently perfect.
I chose to make it with shallots, but you could totally use red onions or even other onions.

Sometimes, we can fear that the tatin is a bit technical to do. Caramel scares some people. But, I simplified the realization of this pie to the maximum, and good news, there is no caramel to prepare. The shallots are first cooked slowly, then, at the last moment, I add brown vergeoise. I love this sugar. It should not be confused with brown sugar, which is a cane sugar, with grains. The vergeoise is on the contrary a very, very fine sugar, coming from the beet. To add a little to the confusion between these two sugars, some countries call brown sugar vergeoise.
It is this sugar that I like to use in many preparations, such as cookies, banana bread and of course Kanelbullars… And then, I discovered that it also worked wonders in savory, like in this caramel pork that I recommend.
This sugar is an essential in my cupboards.
As a result, it naturally imposed itself in my version of the shallot tatin. So I add a little of this sugar to my cooked shallots, as well as balsamic vinegar. It’s not more complicated than that.
After, just put the dough on it and bake.

Delight assured. With a small glass of white wine as an accompaniment, you will tell me the news.

Scallion tart tatin:

800g shallots
2 sprigs of rosemary
3 tbsp brown vergeoise
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
salt pepper
olive oil
1 good puff pastry

Start by peeling the shallots. Leave them whole.
Put them in the pan (I use a pan that goes in the oven) with the rosemary and cook, covered, for about 10/15 minutes over medium/low heat.

Preheat the oven to 210°C.

Remove the lid and the rosemary, season and cook for a few more minutes, so that they begin to brown slightly.
Then add the vergeoise and the vinegar. Mix gently and arrange them nicely so that they occupy the entire bottom of the pan.
Remove skillet from heat.

Unroll the dough on top, and tuck it gently around the shallots.
Make 2 small holes in the top to let the steam escape.

Bake for approximately 20 minutes. The dough should be golden.

Invert the pan onto a serving platter, being careful not to burn yourself.

Serve immediately.

Recipe for shallot tarte tatin

To finish: I use brown vergeoise, with a slightly more pronounced taste and color than the blonde. If you only have the latter, the result will be clearer.
At one time, I had trouble finding this sugar. Many hypers did not make it or just a color. Incidentally, it always annoys me to see in supermarkets long shelves filled with the same products offered by 4 or 5 different brands, and nowhere those, a little less used, but not exceptionally rare for all that . This is one of the reasons why I go shopping in these stores less and less.
Well, now, I still have the impression that it is easier to find. The brands of sugar that we know well offer it. It is a sugar that deserves to be more widely used. Especially since beets are produced here, unlike sugar cane. And really, in many preparations, it really makes a difference.

You can serve this pie with a salad. I also recommend the goat cheese. You can crumble it on top.

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