Savory kouglof with bacon and walnuts

Savory kouglof with bacon and walnuts

My high school years are far behind me, but I still vividly remember my lack of interest in math, preferring more artistic subjects. And when I say lack of interest, I’m actually very, very understated…
Let’s be clear, the math teachers weren’t my favorite! And it’s finally with a maths teacher that I live. Fortunately, he is well aware of making life difficult for his students with his subject. Suddenly, before they leave the training, he invites them to a small aperitif.
And because I’m completely supportive, I prepared kouglofs for them for the occasion… A salty version, with bacon bits and walnuts. I adapted Christophe Felder’s sweet recipe.

With these proportions, I prepare 3 small kouglofs. This is a perfect recipe when there are many of us. But they can also be stored very well in the freezer. Simply iron them lightly in the oven to restore their freshness.
You can also eat them with a salad. I also think that they could be very pleasant for a picnic…

Savory kouglof with bacon and walnuts:


100g + 300g T45 flour
2 heaped tsp baker’s yeast
60ml water

For all the preparation, I used the Thermomix. You can adapt to any other robot or bread machine, and even hands according to your habits. However, the quantities being large, some robots may have difficulties. It will therefore be necessary to proceed in 2 times.

In the bowl of the robot, put the water at room temperature and the yeast. Add the 100 g of flour and mix quickly.
Cover with remaining flour.

Let stand for about 1 hour.


300g T45 flour
300ml milk
2 eggs
20g sugar
125g butter
1 tsp salt

Take the eggs and milk out of the fridge in advance so that they are at room temperature.

Add milk, beaten eggs, sugar and salt to the swollen sourdough. To mix together.
Add the flour and knead for 6 minutes.
After one minute, start adding the butter cut into pieces, without stopping the machine.

Leave to stand for about 1 hour in the closed bowl.


250g smoked bacon
1 large onion
1 tsp thyme
100 g crushed walnuts
walnut kernels for decoration

Cook the finely chopped onion in a knob of melted butter.
Add the bacon bits and thyme, and let brown.
Let cool.

Place the dough on a lightly floured work surface.
Degas and roughly spread and spread the filling on top. Push it into the dough.

Fold the dough over the filling, still pressing down, then cut it into 3.
Make 3 balls.
Make a hole in the center of each.

Grease the 3 small molds, and distribute 1/2 kernels at the bottom.
Place the balls on it.

Film and let rise for another 2 hours.

Preheat the oven to 180°C and bake the kouglofs.

Cook for about 20 minutes.

Savory kouglof with bacon and walnuts

To finish: I use 3 small molds, but you can of course distribute the dough in other formats. You just have to adjust the cooking times.

You can also cook in other types of moulds, when you don’t have a kouglof mould. On the other hand, here again, it will be necessary to adapt the cooking time, because the chimney of the mold makes it possible to reduce the cooking time.

Other toppings can also be considered. Candied tomatoes will be perfect for a vegetarian version.

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