Savory fig tart, parmesan shortcrust pastry

Savory fig tart, parmesan shortcrust pastry

There is a pie that I like above all to taste in summer. This is the thin pie, topped with creamy cheese and tomatoes. I gave you my puff pastry and goat cheese version. A delight. I also like to make it with a shortbread pastry with parmesan, and cream cheese or ricotta.
Parmesan shortbread dough is extremely simple to make and works wonders. It is ideal for delicious savory pies, but also as an aperitif.

To honor this beautiful autumn where the temperatures are still summery, I imagined a version with figs. It’s fresh, tasty and so pleasant to taste that I prepared two in a few days.

You can choose the cheese you like. I tried with ricotta and also with whipped cream cheese. Both are very good. As I really like the sweet and salty side, I also added a drizzle of honey. We can totally do without. I hope the weather will still be nice this weekend so that you too can enjoy this moment of sweetness.

Savory fig tart, shortcrust pastry with parmesan:

Shortcrust pastry with parmesan:

200g flour
40 g grated parmesan
100g butter
salt pepper
1 egg

Mix the flour, parmesan, butter, a little salt and pepper until you have sand.
Add the egg and mix without overdoing it.

Place the dough on a baking sheet, and roll it out not too thinly.
Cut a rectangle, and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Prick the dough and bake it for about 20/25 minutes. It should be lightly golden.
Let cool.

Fig tart:

200 g fresh cheese (or ricotta)
5/6 figs
3 slices of speck
salt pepper
olive oil

When the dough is cold, spread it with cheese.
Season, then arrange the cut figs, the speck in strips and the arugula on top.
Add a drizzle of honey and oil. A little salt and pepper, and enjoy.

Savory fig tart, parmesan shortcrust pastry
To finish: with the pasta scraps, make small pieces that you will cook at the same time as the pie. They can be nibbled as an aperitif or even slipped into a salad.

Always choose fresh parmesan. He is much better.
You can even add a few shavings to the pie.

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