This morning, I was quietly tasting my sourdough waffle. This is, in my opinion, the best way to start a Sunday. Only, maybe I shouldn’t have taken the opportunity to listen to the news. My moment of pleasure was a little spoiled by the weather for the next few days. Unfortunately, down to -15°C!

Finishing my coffee, I said to myself that I had to find you a dish for the occasion.
And I have the perfect recipe to withstand this cold, a garnished sauerkraut from Alsace. Me, I love it, and I do it regularly throughout the winter.

A few years ago, I bought a slow cooker. The price, something like 25 euros, made me crack up. It was a very small investment that I have never regretted, because I like to use this appliance from time to time, to make certain dishes, such as sauerkraut. I like long and quiet cooking. We can completely fill the slow cooker at the beginning of the afternoon and leave to do something else. In the evening, the meal is ready.

To return to sauerkraut, I assure you that there is no simpler dish to make.
I admit that what I prefer in this dish is by far the cabbage. I indeed have a great love for fermented cabbage. I love using it to make winter salads. I then mix it with apples. I could only make sauerkraut for cabbage.
To accompany it, I usually take a piece of smoked bacon, some Montbéliard sausages and knacks. This time, we had added a small smoked pork knuckle. You have to do according to your tastes and desires.
For herbs, ideally, you will need to find juniper berries. That’s not always easy. Otherwise, you can use coriander or, like me, allspice. Bay leaf and cloves are also needed.
And finally, everything is washed down with Riesling.
Of course, we must not forget to serve with potatoes.

Mix everything and let it simmer.
Treat yourself!


1.5 kg raw sauerkraut
250g smoked bacon
2 Montbeliard sausages
8 knacks
8 potatoes
10 juniper berries
3 bay leaves
1 onion
3 cloves
1 glass of Riesling

Generously butter the dish.

Place half the cabbage, then divide the breast into thick slices, the sausages, the juniper berries, the bay leaf and the onion studded with cloves.
Top with remaining cabbage.
Add wine.

Cover and simmer for about 4.5 to 5 hours at high temperature.
Mix during cooking.

Cook the unpeeled potatoes towards the end of cooking.
Add them and the knacks at the last moment, to warm them up.

To finish: without a slow cooker, you can also use a traditional casserole over low heat or even a large earthenware dish in the oven. It will be necessary to reduce the cooking time to about 2 hours and add a little more wine, even a little broth.

Sauerkraut can be found raw or already cooked. This is the raw one I use. This is fermented cabbage. I don’t rinse it off before using it because I like the taste. You can taste it and if you find it too strong, do not hesitate to pass it under cold water before cooking it. It will then be necessary to wring it well.

Choose the meat that appeals to you. You can put more than me. In this season, it is easy to find special sauerkraut selections.
The knacks burst if put on too early. You can also cook them in water.

With these quantities, we make 2 meals of 4 parts.

I imagine that some have other, perhaps “more authentic” recipes. This is my way of making sauerkraut!

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