Salty number cake: heart with goat cheese

Heart-shaped savory number cake with goat cheese

I imagine that you have not missed the Numbers Cakes, these pretty cakes made up of shortbread in the shape of numbers and above all very nicely decorated with flowers, and various delicacies. At the moment we see it everywhere, and that’s normal, because it’s a great idea. In addition to being very beautiful, it’s good and above all, it’s very simple to make.
This week, I started thinking about Mother’s Day, and for this occasion, not numbers, but a heart. Of course, we can make a sweet heart. But I found it fun to prepare a savory version, to serve as an aperitif.

To prepare the heart-shaped shortbread, it is not necessary to have a special mold. Just draw or download a pattern. Coloring sites are great for that. The big heart is 23 cm and the small one 11 cm. As it does not fit on a sheet, we can simply print in half. A little tape, and here we have a nice pattern.

All that remains is to prepare the dough. For this savory version, I chose a parmesan shortbread and garnished it with a fresh goat cheese mousse. Nothing complicated to do.
The best moment, of course, is when decorating. There, everyone can do as they wish. It’s all about being pretty! I made with what I had in my fridge, that is wild garlic, rosette and cherry tomatoes.
Your turn now!

Salty number cake: heart with goat cheese:

Shortbread Parmesan cheese:

50 g of parmesan
125g butter
1 egg
250g of flour
1 pinch of baking powder

Grate the parmesan.

Whisk the soft butter.
Add the egg and continue beating.
Add flour, baking powder, salt and parmesan.
Always mix with a whisk, without insisting too much.

Divide the dough in half and roll it out between two baking sheets.
Refrigerate for at least two hours.

Preheat the oven to 170°C.

Lay the pattern on the dough and cut all around.
Cook for about 20 minutes.

Let cool completely.

Goat mousse:

150 g of fresh goat’s cheese
100 + 150 g full cream
salt pepper

Soften the goat cheese with the cream, so as to have a supple texture in which you can easily incorporate the whipped cream. (I use a fresh cheese, but perfectly drained. Depending on the choice of goat cheese, the amount of cream to add may be less. A little more cheese, a little less cream… The goal is to have 250 g).

Whip the 150g whipped cream.
Add to the cheese using a spatula.

Put in a piping bag and garnish the shortbread.

Layer the two shortbread cookies and decorate with cherry tomatoes, rosette arranged in a flower, wild garlic flowers and wild garlic salt.

Keep cool and enjoy preferably during the day.

Salty number cake: heart with goat cheese

To finish: wild garlic salt is made by mixing wild garlic and Guérande salt. Simply leave to dry in the sun or in a warm oven.
You could also put a little wild garlic pesto on the goat cheese below.

You could also add roasted pine nuts, replace the rosette with chorizo, the tomatoes with radishes, the wild garlic with basil, the parmesan with mimolette…
There are a thousand ways to do it!

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