Salty and sweet recipes for Easter Chocolate floating islands

Today, I bring you a little help in the preparation of your Easter meal. From appetizer to dessert, I invite you to discover or rediscover some recipes already published on the blog. Some have been for a long time.

At Easter, we inevitably find the famous pâté du Berry, to be enjoyed as an appetizer, but also why not as a main course with a salad.
Of course, on my menu, there is lamb. I have a predilection for the mouse. To change from the traditional lamb in the oven, I like to add other flavors.
Those who don’t like lamb can cook poultry.
As an accompaniment, we treat ourselves with new vegetables. But, I can’t resist delicious crispy potatoes.

Easter is all about indulgence, and it starts with breakfast.
For dessert, I have a very good excuse to make several cakes… I can’t decide between chocolate or strawberries. And what’s more, I love discovering foreign specialities.
And of course, we can’t forget the children with a few delicacies that should not leave the older ones insensitive.

I let you discover all that. Just click on the title of the recipe to discover it in its entirety.

Savory recipes:

Potato nests filled with eggs

Sweet Recipes:

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