Salmorejo, Spanish cold tomato soup

1, 2 and 3 cold soups from Spain!

Gazpacho is the best known of the Spanish cold soups. But it is not the only one. There is also white lajo composed of almonds, bread, garlic and olive oil. Both are delicious and come back regularly on my summer tables.

The salmojero of Cordobes was missing. It is an Andalusian cold soup and more precisely from Cordoba. It’s my new favorite soup. Again, we find the bread, garlic and olive oil, but this time, alongside the tomatoes. You get a soft and creamy soup that you serve with hard-boiled eggs and Serrano ham. When it is very hot, there is nothing more pleasant!

To obtain a perfectly emulsified soup, the robot is our best ally. Just mix the whole tomatoes, the garlic, the bread and gradually add the olive oil and you’re done.


1 kg of tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
150 g of sandwich bread (without crust)
100ml mild olive oil
1 tbsp sherry vinegar
salt pepper

Wash and remove the stems from the tomatoes.

Put them in the bowl of the blender with the garlic and blend until you have a purée. At the Thermomix, it will take 30 seconds at speed 10.
Add the bread in pieces and mix until smooth. Then add the olive oil little by little through the chute while continuing to blend. In the Thermomix, I put 2 minutes at speed 7.

Season, and add the vinegar. To mix together.

Refrigerate and serve with hard-boiled eggs and Serrano ham.

To finish: I specify the times for the Thermomix, because they are the ones I have. It’s up to you to adapt to your device!

It is very important to choose the right olive oil. A not very good and bitter oil can ruin your soup. The best is still to taste it.

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