Salmon burger, avocado and yogurt sauce

Tonight, we eat hamburgers!
Here is a little phrase that always brings joy to my gourmands. And then, at some point, there is always someone who, mouth watering, ends up wondering what the burger of the day will be like. Sometimes, when I read the ingredients, I sense a hint of concern.
“Salmon?? Are you sure it’s a salmon burger…”
And yes, my darling, it is done… In any case at home! And besides, you’ll see, it’s super good.

To accompany the salmon steaks, there is salad, avocado, red onion rings, purple shiso and a little spicy yogurt sauce.
I served it with simply pan-fried baby potatoes.

Everyone finally had fun.

Salmon burger, avocado and yogurt sauce:

500g salmon fillet
chilli (to your taste)
4 burger buns
1 plain yogurt
chilli sauce
1 avocado
1 lettuce
1 red onion
a few purple shiso leaves
salt pepper
lemon juice
olive oil

Cut the salmon into small cubes with a knife.
Season and spice to your taste.

Place a circle on a small oiled baking sheet and pack 125 g of salmon inside.
Do the same with the remaining fish to have 4 steaks.
Lightly oil the top.
Book cool.

For the sauce, simply mix a little hot sauce with the yoghurt.
To book.

Cut the avocado into slices and lightly lemon them.
Prepare the salad leaves.
Cut the red onion into rings.
Coarsely chop the shiso.

Toast the breads on the griddle or in the oven for a few minutes.

Cook the salmon steaks. To avoid breaking them, just put them on the griddle (or pan) with the sheet up. Take it off.
Flip halfway through cooking.

Treat yourself!

To finish: I managed to regrow purple shiso in my garden. I love its little taste of cumin and at the moment, I tend to put it everywhere.
Replace it with cilantro if necessary.

At home, we like chilli. Dose according to your taste.

I used the breads Harry’s who were in my June tasting box. They are very good.
In this box, we really liked the ketchup Marius Bernard, the 7up mojito and Ecusson ciders pink and cherry. The latter also allowed me to make a very simple and very pleasant cocktail, the recipe of which I published on instagram.

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