Saint-Jacques shells Gratin

Saint-Jacques shells Gratin

So, how are your Christmas preparations going? You may still be looking for some last minute ideas. So I’m going to offer you a very easy starter recipe. Often, scallops au gratin are bought from the caterer. Yet it is so easy to do. Besides, I bet that after seeing the recipe, you won’t buy them again.

Scallops are the festive dish that reminds me of family lunches from another era.

For the presentation, we need empty scallops or like me, ceramic shells. If you don’t have one, you can absolutely use casserole dishes or ramekins. It’s just as pleasant. It will just be necessary to adjust the quantities, because a casserole dish is often larger than a real shell.

I made my shells with leeks. It is a seasonal vegetable that is very pleasant to cook and eat. For the scallops, you will choose the ones that suit you the most. Auvergne not really being the best place in France to buy this fresh product, I’m going to frozen foods. I take walnuts with coral, but again, it’s up to you. You can also choose scallops.

The recipe is really very simple. I advise you to do the preparation in advance. When it’s time to eat, just put them in the oven.

Saint-Jacques shells Gratin:

2 leeks
1 sprig of rosemary
50ml white wine
20g butter
30g flour
250 ml stock (vegetable or fish)
1 good spoon full cream (Isigny)
250g scallops (thawed if frozen)
olive oil
salt pepper
3 slices of bread

Gently wash, then finely chop the white leeks.

Fry them in a little oil with the whole sprig of rosemary.
Stir regularly to prevent them from burning.

When the leeks are tender, add the white wine and let evaporate over medium heat.

Remove the sprig of rosemary. Then add the butter and let it melt.
Add flour and mix well.
Then add the cold broth little by little. Mix well.

Return to heat and simmer for a few minutes.
Then add a good spoonful of cream. Mix and simmer for a few more minutes over low heat. Check the seasoning.

Put a bottom of the filling in the shell, then arrange the scallops. The number depends on their size.
Mix the bread with a little rosemary. Cover with this breadcrumbs.

Book refrigerated filmed until the time to sit down to eat.

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Cook the shells for 15/20 minutes.
Enjoy immediately.

Saint-Jacques shells Gratin

To finish: with these quantities, we make 6 shells. Mine in ceramics are a little bigger, so I only make 5.

In a casserole dish, it might be 4.

Real shells sometimes have a little trouble standing up straight. As a result, during cooking, the filling may escape a little. The trick is to cook them on a bed of coarse salt.

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