Red onion jam with blackcurrant

Red onion jam with blackcurrant

I really like savory jams and chutneys. I serve them as an aperitif, as a starter with foie gras, or even with the cheese platter.
In my previous article, I shared with you the recipe for my cardamom pear chutney. OK! This is not a recipe that unleashes passions. A yule log recipe is more appealing. But hey, we’re not going to eat only logs and chocolate.
Today, I suggest you prepare a delicious onion confit. Its particularity is to cook for a long time with blackcurrant jam. The texture and taste of this confit are perfect.
Besides, I had already prepared an onion jam with apples on the same principle. A treat, which I had served in camembert bagels. I reserved this blackcurrant version, spotted at Hap to Tap, for Christmas. With foie gras, it’s absolutely delicious.

For the aperitif, I plan to prepare mini burgers with foie gras and red onion jam. In the vegetarian version, I will replace the foie gras with a log of goat cheese.

Red onion jam with blackcurrant:

400g red onions
200g blackcurrant jelly
40g balsamic vinegar
1 pinch of Espelette pepper
1 tbsp olive oil

Thinly slice the onions.
Pour a little olive oil in a saucepan and brown them.
Stir regularly.

When they begin to color very lightly, add the vinegar, jelly and chilli.
Put on low heat and let confit for about 45 minutes. Stir occasionally. There should be no liquid left. Add time if needed.

Be careful at the end, so as not to let the onions burn.

Book cool.

Red onion jam with blackcurrant

To finish: it is quite possible to prepare larger quantities and put in pots to have them all year round.
The opportunities to taste this jam are not lacking.

If the idea of ​​mini-burgers tempts you, I follow this recipe. I prepare between 40 and 50 with these quantities. Just put them in the freezer, to take them out the day of the tasting. A minute in the hot oven, and they are as good as eating fresh.

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