Raspberry ice cream

Raspberry ice cream
Last week’s heat made me bring out my ice cream maker. Without a doubt, my best friend during the summer. There is nothing better than tasting homemade ice cream.
Over the years, my ice cream recipes have evolved a lot. In the beginning, I did everything according to the rules, custard, perfume, fresh cream. A delight ! The problem is that you have to prepare in advance so that the flavors concentrate well and that it is cold to be brewed. Except, if I want an ice cream, it’s often right away. And then, I too often complained about ice cream that was much too hard, even brittle when it came out of the cold.
Now, I got into the habit of making much simpler recipes, like this raspberry ice cream. All you need is 3 ingredients, raspberry purée, sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream. We mix everything and hop in the ice cream maker. There is nothing more simple.
We loved this ice cream. And, it’s perfect right out of the freezer.
Regarding the ice machine, I have an ice cream maker with the tray in the freezer and since last summer a turbine. The latter is really very practical. But having used the first for years, it works just as well for a more reasonable budget.

Raspberry ice cream:

450g raspberry purée
300g sweetened condensed milk
100g heavy cream

Mix all ingredients.

Put everything in an ice machine and let set.
That’s all !

Reserve in the freezer until ready to serve.

Raspberry ice cream

To finish: I use purchased raspberry puree. You can of course make it yourself if you are lucky enough to have raspberries. It also works with frozen raspberries.

Making this ice cream without a device is possible, but painful. You have to freeze it in ice cube trays and then mix it to have a soft texture. Instead, I recommend recipes without an ice cream maker. There are several on the blog.

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