Raspberry clouds (frozen mousse)

Do you remember strawberry cloud cake that I proposed to you last year? A real favourite, this cake marries taste and simplicity so perfectly. Besides, you too have tested it and loved it.
I have wanted to try other variations for a long time. I had taken advantage of the mild April to make it with raspberries. This time, I didn’t prepare the biscuit puck, which was a little too hard when it came out of the freezer. I used cookies and came up with an individual version. It’s even easier to do.

This version is just as delicious as the strawberry version. I would have a hard time choosing one over the other. The texture, due to the fruit not being in pieces initially, is perhaps even lighter. You really have to eat them right out of the freezer.

These clouds of raspberries have the advantage of being able to be made all year round, with a raspberry coulis or purée stored in the freezer.

raspberry clouds:

200g raspberry purée
2 egg whites
150g sugar
8 lemon pucks (Mother Poulard)

If necessary, let the raspberry purée and the egg whites come to room temperature for a good twenty minutes.

In a large mixing bowl, pour the raspberry purée, egg whites and sugar.
Whisk for 8-10 minutes at high speed. The mixture will become increasingly clear and frothy.

Divide the mousse into 8 large muffin tins.
Place a cookie on top.

Reserve in the freezer overnight.

Unmold right out of the freezer directly on the plate.
Serve immediately with raspberry puree and raspberries.

To finish: we can of course make a big cake as for strawberry cloud cake.
And similarly, the latter can also be presented in an individual version, as here.

I used purchased raspberry puree. If you are lucky enough to have some in the garden, use your own grout.

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