Raspberry chocolate tart for Father’s Day

Privilege of the second class, my big daughter has been on vacation for 1 week already. So we decided to go and spend a few days by the ocean. On the program, total idleness. She will take the opportunity to immerse herself in the books of Game of Thrones hoping for a happy ending. I’ll just take advantage of her.

The departure is scheduled for tomorrow, so we celebrated Father’s Day last night. For the occasion, we have prepared a raspberry chocolate tart, taken from the superb book by C. Michalak, The chocolate that makes me crack. I’ve had this book for a short time, but it’s terrible… all the recipes make me want to. And if they are every time at the level of this pie, I feel that we are going to enjoy ourselves.
Indeed, the raspberry chocolate tart is a model of simplicity. And we all agreed that she is absolutely irresistible.

It consists of a biscuit and chocolate praline base, a creamy milk chocolate and raspberries and a dark chocolate and chocolate praline icing. A few raspberries on top complete this delicious dessert.

If you haven’t planned a cake for Sunday yet, let yourself be tempted by this one. Children will be able to participate in its realization, at least by making the crispy bottom and the decoration.

Dads are going to enjoy it!

Raspberry chocolate tart:

Creamy chocolate raspberries:

2 egg yolks
10g of sugar
80g milk
80 g liquid cream (35%)
2 g gelatin (1 sheet)
100g milk chocolate
40g raspberry purée

Soak the gelatin in a bowl of cold water.

Heat the milk and cream in a small saucepan.
Meanwhile, whisk the yolks and sugar.
Pour the hot milk over the yolks while stirring.
Put everything back in the saucepan and allow to thicken, while stirring. Watch out, it goes very fast!

Add the drained gelatin. To mix together.
Add the chocolate chunks. Mix until everything is well melted.
Add the raspberry purée. To mix together.

Pour the cream into a flexible 16 cm mould.

Put in the freezer for a good 2 hours.


120g Lu Tea
20 g of Gavottes
80 g chocolate praline
1 small pinch of fine salt

Melt the praline chocolate.

Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin between 2 sheets of baking paper.
Add the crumbled Gavottes.
Pour everything into the melted chocolate. Mix well.
Add the salt.

Place a lightly oiled 18cm circle on the serving platter.
Pack the biscuits into it.

Leave to harden in the fridge.


15g water
10g of sugar
80 g liquid cream
13g acacia honey
15g oil
80 g chocolate praline
30g dark chocolate (62%)

Bring the water and sugar to a boil.
add cream and honey. Bring to a boil.

Off the heat, add the chopped chocolates. To mix together.
Add the oil. To mix together.

Leave to cool to 35°C.


Remove the circle.

Place the frozen cream on a rack, itself on a plate.
Pour the glaze over the cream all at once.
Let flow over the edges. Lightly tap the grid.

Place the cream on the crisp.

Decorate with some raspberries.

Refrigerate until the cream defrosts. It’s quick!

To finish: in the recipe, it is normally gjanduja that is used. As I didn’t have one, and I didn’t have time to start making it, I used a praline milk chocolate bar which I had left. It was very good. However, the texture is not the same and I modified the recipe very slightly to have a fairly fluid icing.

You can also make with homemade Pralinoise. The recipe is here. It will be great!
Alternatively, you can also use store-bought Pralinoise. The quality won’t be exactly the same, but it should still work.

For the raspberry puree, mix then filter fresh raspberries. Given the quantity, there is no point in buying it.

It’s a small pie, perfect for 5/6 people.
Do not hesitate to increase the quantities if you are more numerous or if your molds are larger.

As I have prepared a few articles in advance, my absence will go almost unnoticed.
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