Pyramid of goat cheese with pecans and cranberries

Pyramid of goat cheese with pecans and cranberries

You know how much I love preparations that are simple, good and beautiful. I can never resist a little recipe that throws a lot, and can be prepared in no time. I was therefore delighted that Chavroux offered me to imagine a recipe with their goat cheese pyramid. Especially since I also really like goat cheese.

The recipe itself is child’s play. I flavored the cheese with a little orange zest, then coated it with what I’m really loving right now, pecans and dried cranberries. All these flavors are completely seasonal, and go very well with goat cheese.

The little trick of this recipe is to reuse the packaging to keep the shape of the pyramid. I find this presentation very attractive.

Thus prepared, this pyramid will be perfect for an aperitif. With crackers, it’s really delicious. You can also put it on the cheese board.
It will find its place in a Christmas menu.

Pyramid of goat cheese with pecan nuts and cranberries:

1 pyramid of Chavroux goat cheese
zest of half an organic orange
white pepper, fleur de sel
1 tsp sunflower oil
35g pecan nuts
20 g of dried cranberries.

Take the cheese out of its packaging and soften it by mixing with a spoon.
Add the very finely grated orange zest and season lightly.
To mix together.

Clean the pyramid, dry it and coat it lightly with oil to facilitate unmolding.
Put the flavored cheese back inside, pressing down well.
Refrigerate for a few hours.

Pyramid of goat cheese with pecans and cranberries

Preheat the oven to 160°C.

Roast the pecans for about 12 minutes.
Cut them finely with a knife.
Also cut the cranberries. To mix together.

Unmold the pyramid by turning it over on a plate. If it resists, you can pierce the bottom with the tip of a knife.
Cover with the pecan and cranberry mixture, pressing lightly to adhere.
Grate some orange zest on it.

Serve with crackers or a good country bread.

Pyramid of goat cheese with pecans and cranberries

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