Pumpkin spice, spicy pumpkin syrup for latte

Pumpkin spice, spicy pumpkin syrup

In this season, I like to feast on pumpkin spice latte. It’s so good. I have been looking for the perfect syrup recipe for a very long time. I tested several, but all were with pumpkin purée, and the final consistency was not that great. I ended up buying the store-bought syrup.

Finally, this year I wanted to try again. This time, I juiced the pumpkin in the juicer. It works very well. A little water and sugar to make the syrup, some pumpkin spice, and that’s it. Or rather the syrup is in the bottle.
I chose pretty containers. I think it would be a perfect foodie gift.

And taste level? I find it much better than the commercial one.

After that, all you have to do is prepare your pumpkin spice latte, adding an espresso and milk froth. What happiness!

Pumpkin spice, spicy pumpkin syrup:

1 pumpkin
150g water
300g brown sugar
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 small stick of Ceylon cinnamon

Peel and cut the pumpkin into pieces.
Put it in the centrifuge to have 250 g of juice.

Heat the water, sugar and spices.
Add the pumpkin juice and leave to simmer for about 10/15 minutes. The syrup will thicken.

Put in bottles and keep cool.

Pumpkin spice, spicy pumpkin syrup

To make a pumpkin spice latte, pour a little syrup into the bottom of a tall glass.
Carefully pour the milk froth over it. I use Melitta cremio.
Pour a long espresso over it.
Finish with a pinch of cinnamon.

Pumpkin spice latte

To finish: I used pumpkin, but you can use whatever squash you have. Some may be juicier.
I put the leftovers in a soup. Without the juice, there are less flavors, but adding other vegetables, it does it and it avoids wasting.

The spice mix consists of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cloves.

You will ask me how long it keeps. I do not know. I do not intend to keep it more than 15 days in the fridge.

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