Puff pastry baked Camembert

The recipe I am sharing with you today is perfect for this time of year. Not because she is light. For once, not at all! But, it will allow you to use your puff pastry scraps after preparing a galette.

For Epiphany, I always try to make an inverted puff pastry. The result is perfect every time. If I really don’t have time to make it myself, I order it from my baker.
But suddenly, what to do with the falls?
Already, it is good to know that it is important not to put them in a ball. The foliation would be broken. You can put the pieces next to each other, then re-spread and use them, for example, to prepare a pie.

You can also make this delicious Camembert in the oven. In this case, the offcuts can be used as they are. It is not necessary to have regular pieces.
The principle is to spread them with tapenade, then roll them roughly before placing them around a camembert. You can also use a good commercial paste. Once cooked, we put everything on the table and everyone tears off a piece of dough and dips it in the runny camembert.

I served it as a main dish, accompanied by a salad. It could also be presented as an aperitif.
Success will be guaranteed!

Puff pastry baked Camembert:

1 pie chart
1 puff pastry already rolled out or scraps
2 to 3 tbsp tapenade
salt pepper
20g pine nuts

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Remove the Camembert from its packaging and place it on a baking sheet.
Make a few notches on the top

Cut the dough into strips or use the scraps after another recipe.
Spread them with tapenade, then twist them quickly.
Place them all around the camembert without squeezing them too much.

Season and sprinkle with thyme.

Cook for about 20 minutes.
6/7 minutes before the end of cooking, arrange the pine nuts on top.

Serve hot with a drizzle of honey.

To finish: instead of tapenade, you can use tomato confit or pesto.

Do not hesitate to provide several cheeses, because it disappears very quickly!

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