Potato, red onion and sumac gnocchi

This period of confinement has been an opportunity for many of us to cook even more than usual. Normally, I already cook a lot, through my blog and my work. But this is done at the pace I choose myself, with photo shoots in the middle. There, I no longer had the choice of pace and I admit that I had a lot of trouble continuing to take pictures of the dishes that I put in the center of my table.

But, we had such a crush on these gnocchi, that I hurriedly put some aside to quickly take a picture and be able to share the recipe with you. And thus keep track of it so that I can redo it very, very often.

The inspiration for this dish comes to me once again from Ottolenghi. I kept my usual gnocchi recipe which I am totally satisfied with. The side dish of red onions, sumac and brown butter is the best thing I’ve eaten in the last month. No, I’m not exaggerating at all. Besides, I’m going to hurry to redo these onions because I see them accompany a multitude of dishes. I imagine them very well with small early potatoes simply cooked in the pan. It will also be much faster than making the gnocchi.

Because making gnocchi is not very complicated, but it does take a little time. Of course, you can buy them ready-made. But, it has nothing to do, and frankly it’s much worse.

To make gnocchi a success, there are a few rules to follow. The most important thing is not to cook the potatoes in water. I always cook them in the microwave. This is the fastest and most effective method I have found. You can also put them in the oven, but it takes longer. Afterwards, I simply pass them through an old masher. Then just add the eggs and flour and shape the gnocchi. Thus, success is always at the rendezvous. The last step is to cook them in a pan of salted water. Once this operation is done, the gnocchi can easily wait before being cooked in the pan.

For the accompaniment, it is a fondue of red onions in which sumac is added. This tangy spice comes from small red berries that are crushed. The tree is from the same family as the vinegar tree that we sometimes find in our gardens and that we recognize thanks to its red clusters.

I love this spice, and I often have it at home, because I use it to prepare zaatar, by mixing it with thyme and sesame seeds. I advise you to find it as soon as you can, because it is really delicious. In the meantime, you can prepare the gnocchi, with a simple sage butter, it’s already a treat!

Potato, red onion and sumac gnocchi:

Potato gnocchi:

1 kg potato (mashed varieties)

2 yolks egg
125g flour

Wash the potatoes. Prick them lightly with a knife.
Place them in a microwave-safe container, cover with film and cook for 13/15 minutes at maximum power. The cooking time depends on their size. Check with the tip of a knife that they are tender.

Peel the hot potatoes, then mash them.

Let cool.

Add the yolks eggs while stirring vigorously.

Then add the flour and salt. Mix first with a spatula, then by hand (If the consistency is too sticky, add a little flour)

Flour the work surface and place the dough above. Cut it and make sausages of dough.

Cut into chunks.

Heat a pan of salted water, then add half of the gnocchi. They are cooked as soon as they rise to the surface. Remove them gradually using a slotted spoon.

Reserve in a salad bowl. add a drizzle of oil.

Do the same for the remaining gnocchi.

They can be kept refrigerated. I happened to use them only the next day without any problem.

Red onions with sumac:

6 red onions

3 cloves of garlic

4 tsp sumac

salt pepper

olive oil

40g pine nuts

70g butter

parsley, lemon

Cut the red onions into thin slices, then salt them and cook them in a little oil for about 12 minutes over low heat.

Add the grated garlic and cook for another 1-2 minutes.

add sumac and set aside.

Brown the gnocchi in a large skillet with a little oil. Proceed with care so as not to damage them while stirring. Possibly, proceed several times.

Reserve the golden gnocchi.

In the same skillet, put the butter, a little salt and the pine nuts. Let brown slightly.

Put the gnocchi back in as well as the red onions. Season and mix, always gently.

Serve immediately with lemon and parsley.

To finish: this recipe is for 4 people, 5 if the appetites are not very big.

Of course, I recommend that you make the whole recipe. But if you don’t have the courage, don’t hesitate to make either the gnocchi or the red onions.
To accompany the gnocchi, you can simply brown some butter with fresh sage leaves.
The red onions thus prepared can accompany all kinds of dishes.

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