Potato puff pastry with candied tomatoes and basil

potato puff pastry with candied tomatoes and basil

I like to take a traditional recipe and take it to new flavors. I know this is still a sticking point for some. But, cooking is life and in my opinion, it must not remain anchored in the past.

Here, in the Bourbonnais, potato pie is made like this. I really like. But I also enjoy doing it with puff pastry. And then, it’s also nice to add other flavors like bacon bits and onions or even herbs.
This weekend, I wanted to make a more summery recipe, with the flavors that I love so much of candied tomato and basil. We had fun. I really recommend you dish. It’s very easy to prepare, and everyone likes it.
With a nice salad, it’s a delicious meal to share.

Potato puff pastry with candied tomatoes and basil:

2 rounds of puff pastry (24cm)
500g potatoes
50 g puree of candied tomatoes
1 good clove of garlic
Salt pepper
20 cl heavy cream

Peel and slice the potatoes.

Mix the candied tomato puree, grated garlic and chopped basil.
Mix with the potatoes and season.

Spread the potatoes on a circle of puff pastry, leaving a few centimeters around the edge. Dampen the border and lay the other round. To adhere.
Make a small hole in the top to allow steam to escape.

Bake for about 1 hour at 180°C.

Remove from the oven, delicately cut the top of the pâté and garnish with cream.
Serve hot, warm or cold with a nice salad.

Potato puff pastry with candied tomatoes and basil

To finish: you can use candied tomatoes in oil. In this case, it is enough to mix them with a little of their oil.

The ideal is to choose a good all-butter puff pastry and a quality farmhouse cream.

Rather than basil, you can choose thyme, or oregano…

My rounds of puff pastry were 24 cm, which is much smaller than those to roll out of commerce. If you want to make it bigger, just add more ingredients.

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