Plum Pie

I have an adoration for magpies of all kinds. It’s a gourmet dessert that always gives me a clear conscience. I like them very generous in fruit with a crispy dough to perfection.
For this one, I definitely adopted the recipe from Linda. She is perfect.

For the filling I vary according to the seasons. And right now, my favorite fruit is plum plum. This pretty plum fills me with happiness. So I came back from shopping very happy, a 5-kilo crate under my arm.
Of course, I started by making a good amount of plums confit with amaretto. I fill my freezer with plums just to be able to make more throughout the winter. Then, I continued my momentum with a magpie. As the bottle of amaretto had come out, I took the opportunity to flavor my pie with it.

And here is a delicious plum pie. It is to die for the same day, and almost as good the next day.

(according to Linda Lomelino)

375g flour
1 tbsp icing sugar
1/4 tsp salt
150 g cold butter in pieces
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 egg
75g cold water

In the bowl of the robot (Thermomix or other) put all the ingredients and knead for about 1 minute, until a ball begins to form. Optionally, add a splash of water.

By hand, first mix the flour, sugar and salt, then add the butter with your fingertips.
Then add the lemon juice, the egg and gradually the water, until you have a ball.

Film and leave in the fridge for about 1 hour.


1 kg of plums
1 good tbsp of amaretto
1 tbsp cornstarch
3 tbsp blond sugar

Wash then cut the plums in half.
Place them in a salad bowl with the amaretto, cornstarch and sugar.
To mix together.


Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Roll out 3/4 of the dough and fill a mold of about 20/22 cm with fairly high sides.
Fold the dough slightly over the edges.

Pour the filling over the dough.

Roll out the rest of the dough and cut out small hearts (or another shape!) using a cookie cutter.
Place the dough on the filling and make it adhere to the first by pressing all around with your thumbs.
Even out the edges, then give them a nice shape.

Glaze the dough with an egg yolk diluted with a little milk.

Bake for approximately 40 minutes.

Leave to cool before unmolding or leaving it in the dish.

To finish: 1 kg of plums may seem huge to you, but it’s the perfect amount to have something really generous.
The cornstarch helps to bind the juice that flows from the fruit during cooking. Thanks to it, you don’t end up with too liquid a filling when cutting slices and the dough is very crispy.

Accompany your pie with a scoop of ice cream or simply heavy cream.

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