Perfect cherry ice cream (express and only 2 ingredients)

Perfect cherry ice cream (express and only 2 ingredients)

With this heat, we agree, there is nothing better to cool off than a good ice cream. The advantage of making it at home is that you know exactly what’s inside. On the other hand, I admit that I am very often too lazy to embark on the realization of an ice cream in the rules of the art. Making a custard, finding myself with egg whites on my arms, letting it cool before setting it, finding myself with ice cream that is too hard… All that makes me drunk. As a result, in recent summers I have somewhat neglected my ice cream maker for homemade ice creams that were made without. There are several recipes made like this on the blog. They are perfect.
But, there at the start of the post-lockdown summer, I’m trying to be a little careful about what I eat. And suddenly, I wanted to make ice cream less rich in cream. So I pulled out my device.

I am so happy with this recipe. All you need is a jar of fruit jam and a jar of condensed milk (unsweetened of course). All you have to do is mix and put in an ice cream maker. Couldn’t be simpler, right?

This ice cream can be eaten right away. But it also keeps very well in the freezer. Its texture is absolutely perfect right out of the box.

Perfect Cherry Ice Cream:

1 jar of black cherry jam (370 g)
1 can of unsweetened condensed milk.

Mix the 2 ingredients.
To make your ice cream set faster, you can put them in the fridge a little in advance.

Put in an ice cream maker and let set. That’s all !
Store in a container in the freezer.

Recipe for the perfect cherry ice cream (express and only 2 ingredients)

To finish: the ice cream maker is essential for this ice cream. I have a very simple one, and I always keep the tray in the freezer.

You can choose the jam you like. I like the cherry because there are big chunks of fruit. You can even choose it low in sugar.

On the same principle, you can make an ice cream with chestnut cream

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