Pear, chestnut and tonka bean jam

Pear, chestnut and tonka bean jam

With the heat of this month of October, we almost forget that we are in autumn. However, it is there, and the chestnut season has begun. The heat must have pleased them, because they are very beautiful this year.

I always take advantage of a walk to pick up a few to prepare a few jars of jam.
I imagined this one 2 years ago. It has become my favorite and has replaced my usual chestnut jam recipe. Finally, I prefer its more liquid texture which is perfect to eat with fromage blanc or porridge, or even on toast.
The flavors of pear, chestnut and tonka bean are perfect. I like!

The production of this jam is also relatively quick. Already, it does not require a large quantity of chestnuts. And I’m going to give you my ultra-quick method to get a wonderful, effortless mash. We agree that removing all the skins one by one is endless… There are faster ways to do it. I start by removing the first skin, which goes quite quickly, then I cook them for about 20 minutes in boiling water. Afterwards, I simply use a fine strainer that can be found in all stores and a pestle. The flesh passes between the meshes, and the skins remain. Just do it in small amounts.
This done, all that remains is to prepare the jam…

Pear, chestnut and tonka bean jam

300 g pears (peeled and cut into pieces)
350 g sugar (blond)
250g chestnut puree
1/2 tonka bean

Mix the pear pieces and the sugar.
Add the chestnut purée and bring everything to a boil.

Leave to simmer while stirring. Watch out for splashes that can burn.
Cooking will take about 15 minutes. The longer you cook, the thicker the consistency will be.
A little before the end of cooking, grate the tonka bean over the jam.

Refrigerate or store in sterilized jars.

Pear, chestnut and tonka bean jam

To finish: I prefer to warn you, this jam is very addictive. You could easily devour the whole jar with a teaspoon.

I used this delicious jam in a recipe. I’ll tell you about it very soon…

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