Passion fruit mousse (express recipe)

Passion fruit mousse (express recipe)
As it’s still a little summer, I wanted to offer you a recipe that smells good of the sun. I take you on a trip to Brazil.
On the program, a passion fruit mousse.
There is nothing simpler to make, and it only takes 3 ingredients. It’s even easier if, like me, you use ready-made passion fruit puree. You can also use fresh fruit, but in this case, it will be necessary to filter the seeds, to have only the pulp.
Afterwards, just mix with sweetened condensed milk and cream. Sweetened condensed milk is a truly magical product. I use it in many recipes and it continues to amaze me. Here, it’s a bit the same principle as for the lemon mousse. Condensed milk both sweetens the preparation and gives the whole a nice texture. It is enough simply to mix the 3 ingredients to have a perfect cream.
The result was well dosed in sugar. But it should be noted that my passion fruit puree is very tart. So, I think that depending on the fruit used, it can sometimes be good to slightly reduce the amount of sweetened condensed milk. Not too much either, because the final texture must still be beautiful.

Passion fruit mousse:

250g passion fruit purée
1 box of Régilait sweetened condensed milk (397g)
250g full cream
passion fruit
Mix the passion fruit purée and the sweetened condensed milk.
Whip the liquid cream. It doesn’t have to be very firm. Add it to the mixture using a spatula.
That’s all !
Pour into 8 to 10 glasses and chill for a few hours.
Serve with fresh passion fruit on top.
Passion fruit mousse (express recipe)

To finish: for a slightly more frothy texture, and in my opinion a little more interesting, I lightly whip the cream. The original recipe does not. In this case, the texture is creamier.
All you have to do is mix the 3 ingredients. It’s even simpler.

If you are using fresh fruit, the pulp will need to be strained to remove the seeds. In this case, you can make the fruit and condensed milk mixture in a blender to have a very smooth texture.
I can’t tell you how much fruit you’ll need.

For my photo, and the service, I bought maracujas. This is the first time I’ve had an infidelity to the classic passion fruit that I usually take. It will also be the last. It’s definitely from the fruits I bought, but they weren’t good at all.

I buy the passion fruit puree at a pro store. Often a card is needed. But, there are also some who sell to individuals. Sometimes we can even place orders with them.
My mash is packaged by a litre. So I keep what I don’t need in the freezer, in small portions.

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