Parmesan fritters, 2 ingredients

Parmesan donuts

What if we prepared Mardi Gras, with a recipe for savory donuts? I always like to come up with new donut recipes at this time. And this year, I prepared a few that are all very nice and very simple to make.

So I’m going to start the series with a salty and really amazing recipe. You will only need 2 ingredients, parmesan and egg white. Nothing more. And just mix the 2 and make small balls. There is nothing more simple. I discovered this recipe on the Italian sites. She seems quite popular there. As I always trust Italians when it comes to cooking and parmesan, and I had all the ingredients, so I tested immediately.

This recipe is truly amazing. When cooked, the balls swell and become round. I understood then why the Italians talk about parmesan pearls. The texture inside becomes all fluffy. At the tasting, it looks like biting into a cake. It’s really amazing.
The only downside I would put to this recipe is the salt. Parmesan cheese is very salty, so donuts are too. I advise to accompany them with a salad if you serve them as a meal. Or a small dip, for example a spicy ketchup or a slightly acidic sauce, if you serve them as an appetizer.

Parmesan fritters:

150 g parmesan
2 egg whites

Finely grate the parmesan.
Add the egg whites and mix.

Shape into small balls, about 16.

Heat a frying pan.
Gently dip the balls in and let them brown.
Proceed several times.

Enjoy hot or lukewarm.

Parmesan donuts

Finally: I don’t have a fryer. So most of the time I use a wok that is both high and not too wide at the base. It is important that the donuts are well immersed in the oil.
I made a video of this recipe for instagram. I use for the occasion a small saucepan rather high.

Leave the donuts for a few minutes on a paper towel to soak up the oil.

For the grater, I am a fan of the microplane.

My eggs are not very big. If you have any doubts about the quantity of whites, I advise you not to put everything at once. The balls must be able to be made easily.

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