Pan-fried root chervil and Brussels sprouts with rosemary

Do you know the tuberous chervil?
This root vegetable is to be discovered absolutely, because its taste is delicious. Its slightly sweet flesh is reminiscent of the flavors of chestnuts. Its texture is closer to the potato.
In addition to being tasty, it is very easy to cook. Root chervil is eaten both raw and cooked. Raw, it will suffice to grate it or cut it into thin slices. Cooked, we will pass it to the frying pan.
Its only flaw is perhaps its price. It is often found around 8 euros per kilo. I happened to see it much more expensive on the market during the holidays. Usually, I take advantage of promos that are fairly regular in my fresh store.

In winter, I particularly like Brussels sprouts. This little cabbage, wrongly unloved, is very pleasant when prepared well. I really like to associate it with a mild and sweet flavor, like chestnuts (here). I obviously married it with tuberous chervil and it’s a dish that I love.
It’s a very simple recipe. It will be the perfect accompaniment to pretty poultry.
Do not hesitate to put it on your festive tables.

Pan-fried root chervil and Brussels sprouts:

500 g Brussels sprouts
500g root chervil
olive oil
salt pepper

Heat a pan of salted water.

Cut the stem side of the Brussels sprouts and remove the first leaves, which are not very pretty.
Cook the cabbage for 4 to 5 minutes in boiling water. They must stand firm.
Drain and cool.

Peel the root chervils.

Cut them into large cubes.

Put them in a pan with a little oil, the sprigs of rosemary and the Brussels sprouts cut in half.

Cook over medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring regularly.

Finally: sIf the Brussels sprouts really don’t pass (which is a shame!), you can just pan-fry the tuberous chervil. or use other cabbages like broccoli.

And you, how do you cook the tuberous chervil?

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