Orange salad with honey and pistachios

Until now, I had resisted the minor winter illnesses quite well. With all the orange salad that I consume, I was also not far from thinking that no virus could attack me. The full of vitamins will not have been enough in the end.

However, I love eating orange salads so much that I prepare them almost every other day at the moment. With honey and pistachios, it’s one of my favorite desserts this season.

To make this salad, you need a little help to peel a raw orange, but above all, it is essential to have a good, sharp knife. Then it’s very easy to do. It’s even quite amusing.

Orange salad with honey and pistachios:

8 Maltese oranges
1 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp pistachios

First remove the ends of the orange, then remove the skin by cutting lightly into the flesh.

Cut the orange into very thin slices.
Arrange them as you go on a plate.
Above all, collect all the juice in a small bowl.
Do the same with all the oranges.

Mix the recovered juice and the honey and drizzle the oranges.

Pass the pistachios for a few minutes in the pan. They should brown slightly.
Roughly chop them and add them to the salad.

Keep cool.

To finish: I also like to prepare an orange salad with orange blossom and cinnamon. Just add 1 spoon of orange blossom and a few pinches of Ceylon cinnamon to the honey and orange juice mixture.
Instead of pistachios, I also sometimes use a Medjoul date cut into small pieces.

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