Orange salad with feta

Winter salad with oranges and feta

I don’t know about you, but here the weekend temperatures made us crave meals on the terrace and sunny salads. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit early to consider making our favorite tomato or watermelon salads.

Fortunately, we are in the middle of the Maltese orange season. Usually, it is in dessert that we enjoy these delicious citrus fruits. But, it is quite possible, and even delicious, to prepare them as a savory salad. With a little greenery, such as a mixture of young shoots, feta, olives, red onions and a few pine nuts and sprigs of mint, we prepare a salad that is original, fresh and tasty. Really ideal with the exceptional heat that we have at the moment.

You can accompany this salad with a thin slice of dry ham or grilled meats. And of course, a small glass of wine. I chose a rosé.
Really, I loved that moment. And I’m already planning to buy everything I need to do it again in the next few days.

Orange salad with feta:

8 Maltese (or blood) oranges
1 small red onion
30g pine nuts
100g feta
sprout salad
2 sprigs of mint
black olives
olive oil

Peel the oranges, then cut them into slices. Reserve the juice that runs out.

Cut the onion into thin rings.
Fry the pine nuts for a few minutes in the pan, just long enough for them to take on a nice golden hue.

Compose the salad by mixing the lettuce, the sliced ​​oranges, the onion rings, the feta cheese cut into pieces, the mint cut, the pine nuts and the olives.
Add the orange juice and a good drizzle of olive oil. Season.

Serve immediately.

Maltese orange salad with feta

To finish: peeling the oranges raw and cutting them is very easy with a bit of technique and above all a good knife. This must be very sharp. It is better to sharpen it first.
Cut the 2 ends of the orange, going all the way to the flesh. Save the juice.
Lay the orange, cut sides toward the table and toward you. Then remove the skin, cutting into the flesh. You have to follow the curve of the orange. It’s much easier to do than to describe. But, frankly, with a good knife it almost takes care of itself.

Rather than the mixture of young shoots, you can choose lamb’s lettuce or arugula.

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