Orange posset (express orange cream)

Since last summer, I became addicted to posset, Only 3 ingredients, cream, sugar and citrus juice and 5 minutes are enough to obtain this wonderful dessert.

For the chemistry to work, you need fat and it was with a 35% cream that I finally managed to get the perfect result. Cream with 35% fat is also ideal for baking. Unfortunately, it is not as easily found as it should be and always by 1 litre. As I have become accustomed to using it for my pastries, what remains ends up most of the time in posset.

The lime posset has my preference, but I also like to prepare it with other citrus fruits.
This time I tried with blood oranges. We obtain a superb color and a very pleasant taste, all smooth.

I encourage you to try this dessert, if you haven’t already. On the other hand, I warn you, it is very, very addictive…

orange posset:

450 g liquid full cream (35%)
65g sugar
75g blood orange juice (2)

Heat the cream and sugar over medium heat. Stir.
Maintain a very light boil for about 5 minutes. The cream should not overflow.

Meanwhile, juice the oranges.

Off the heat, add the orange juice to the hot cream. Stir.

The mixture will start to thicken.

Let cool slightly.

Mix, then pour the cream into individual containers.

Refrigerate for several hours. The posset will continue to firm up.

Serve very chilled with orange wedges.

To finish: I used blood oranges, because they are my favorite. The color is really lovely. Other oranges will also be fine.

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