Norwegian omelet with lemon (without ice cream maker)

If, like me, you want a nice, refreshing dessert that can be prepared in a very short time, this Norwegian omelette might be of interest to you. If you are also a fan of the combination of lemon and meringue, then this dessert is really made for you.

This lemon Norwegian omelette is made from ice cream without an ice cream maker, always with sweetened condensed milk, and spoon biscuits. Everything is first placed in the freezer and then covered with Swiss meringue.
It’s so simple to do! And so good…

Norwegian omelet with lemon:

397g sweetened condensed milk
150 g lemon juice (2 or 3)
275g full cream
spoon biscuits
80g egg whites
150g sugar

Mix sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice.
Whip the very cold cream into a whipped cream and gently mix it with the lemon-flavoured condensed milk.

Pour this preparation into an 18 cm silicone dome and cover with spoon biscuits.

Leave to set in the freezer for several hours.

In a mixing bowl, pour the egg whites and sugar.
Place it on a bain-marie and heat to 55°C while whisking.
Remove the bowl from the bain-marie and continue whisking at high speed until the meringue is almost cold and firm.

Unmold the ice cream and cover it with meringue.
Flambé using a small torch.

Eat right away or reserve in the freezer.
It will then be necessary to take it out 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature) in advance.

To finish: if you don’t like the acidity too much, you can slightly reduce the amount of lemon juice.

For the ladyfingers, I have no partnership, but I still recommend the Bonne Maman, which are by far my favourite.

I had already used the dome mold for this cake (here)

This Norwegian omelet is for about 12 people.

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