Niçoise salad (the real one?)

Just last night, I came across yet another article about the “real” Niçoise salad. And as always, the comments are very quickly aggressive to excess. I didn’t need more to make me want to publish my Niçoise salad recipe. The photos have been sleeping in my files for a long time…

First of all, I want to dwell on the notion of “authentic recipe” which is so unique to everyone. We all remember the dishes prepared by a grandmother who was so dear to us. These little dishes are our Proust madeleine and their taste remains inimitable. Whatever we do it will always be impossible to find these flavors, because time has passed, childhood too and the context with it.
Where it gets complicated is that the neighbor had another grandmother, just as good a cook, but who did things a little differently. Inevitably the authentic recipe is no longer quite the same… And so on.
And that’s how today the debates are inflamed and never lead to anything.
The authentic recipe is that of a time when we cooked with the heart rather than with a book.
To approach it, all you need is a little common sense and remembering that grandmothers used above all the products available to them and above all wanted to please.
Our little niçoise salad was simply made with fresh produce from the garden, which was good, easy to find and inexpensive. Tomatoes, peppers for some, cucumbers for others. And if there were, most definitely green beans for that one, because you might as well put them in the salad rather than let them go to waste. And maybe here there were potatoes just because the beloved son always liked his salad more with a few pieces of potatoes…

I’m sure of one thing, we took our heads off a lot less than today on unimportant subjects and it was much better that way.

What if the authentic recipe was simply the one we like to taste?

Nicoise salad:

6 tomatoes
1 green pepper
4 boiled eggs
anchovy fillets
Nice olives
1 spring onion
1 clove of garlic
wine vinegar
Nice olive oil
salt pepper

Rub a dish with a clove of garlic.
Arrange the chopped tomatoes on top, then the peppers.
Cut the eggs and place them all around.
Place the anchovy fillets on top, then the olives.

Pour a small trickle of vinegar and drizzle with olive oil.
Salt and pepper.
Finish with chopped basil.

To finish: the pepper that I use is the one that we see in the photo. Elongated in shape, it is perfect raw. Unfortunately, you don’t always find them.
If you can’t, use a small cucumber.

For a delicious salad, good tomatoes from the garden will be the best.

I always choose my anchovies au naturel. If yours are salt water, don’t forget to run them under cold water before using them.
The anchovies can be replaced by tuna, but personally, I like less.

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