Nectarine and amaretti clafoutis

Nectarine and amaretti clafoutis

The clafoutis, we like it with cherries. But just because the season is over doesn’t mean we can’t do it anymore. The clafoutis is good regardless of the fruit. Nectarines or peaches are fine. So you can have fun all summer long.
So, yes, some will say that it is no longer a clafoutis. Call the flognarde then!

We could just make do with the nectarines. I still wanted a little more flavor. So I added some amaretti to the preparation. They have an irresistible almond taste that goes perfectly with the sweet flavor of nectarines.
A delight!

Clafoutis with nectarines and amaretti:

4 eggs
90g sugar
100g of flour
1 pinch of salt
500ml whole milk
50g amaretti

a few drops of bitter almond
4 yellow nectarines

Whisk eggs and sugar.
Add sifted flour and salt. Whisk to mix.
Add the milk little by little. To mix together.
Add the coarsely crushed amaretti and the bitter almond. To mix together.

Leave to rest for at least 1 hour in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Whisk the preparation, then pour the mixture into a greased dish.

Add the peeled and thickly sliced ​​nectarines.
Bake for about 35 minutes.

Leave to cool before tasting.
Reserve at room temperature.

Nectarine and amaretti clafoutis

To finish: it is important to let the preparation rest for at least 1 hour. It is the same as for a pancake batter or canelés. The flour absorbs the liquid.
In addition, the amaretti will dissolve and infuse the preparation. 1 hour is a minimum. You can easily leave it overnight.

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